Parents: Teacher forced son to lick drawing off desk

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TROY — The parents of a Troy 5th grader were shocked when their son told them his teacher told him to lick his desk clean after he was caught drawing on it in February. Since then his parents said they’ve attempted to go through proper channels within the district to get the teacher reprimanded, but were unsuccessful.

“I said ‘we can end all this by her going in front of the class with my son and apologizing for her actions’ he [the principal] says’ that would be a directive. I cannot give a directive and it wouldn’t be sincere’ and I said ‘is that all you’re going to do?’ and he said ‘well basically we’ve handled it, it’s confidential’. Point blank,” said George Spencer, the boy’s father.

The Spencer’s had their son transferred to another class, but say he is struggling with the transition, especially in math. The problems also worsened after they allege the teacher asked the students in his old class not to speak to their son. They said the principal stepped in and spoke to the class at the parent’s request, but the parents wanted action taken against the teacher for the original incident.

“We thought about going to the board, but after we were shut down by the superintendent. I really felt like they wouldn’t do anything and we really got to a point where we felt helpless,” said Latonia Spencer, the boy’s mother.

The district issued the following statement Monday afternoon:

“When a complaint from a parent is received the matter is investigated,” said interim Superintendent Brian Howard in a statement. “Once the facts are known, appropriate steps are taken. If the facts show a complaint is unfounded the parent is informed. If the facts show a complaint is accurate or partially accurate, corrective measures are taken and the parent is informed. Information regarding a specific student, staff member or parent is confidential and cannot be shared. There are times when a parent may not want to accept the facts. There are times when a parent may not agree that the steps taken are appropriate. The District is bound by laws and regulations. There is no need for additional information when an issue has been addressed fairly and responsibly based on the facts. The District cannot and will not engage in spreading rumors and gossip.”

– Dr. Brian Howard, Interim Superintendent of Schools

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