Parler Might Have Just Found a Way To Re-Launch Thanks To Conservative-Friendly Company

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Parler Is Now The Most Downloaded App In AppStore And Google, Surpassing  Twitter And Tik-Tok | Tech News | Startups News - WorldNewsEra



Parler was the talk of the town for a few days after big tech social media companies began a mass-purging of tens of thousands of Trump supporters in the wake of the deadly protests that occurred in the nation’s capital last week.

The conservative-friendly social media alternative to Twitter and, to some degree, Facebook, experienced one of their largest spikes in traffic since they’ve been online, with new users registering in droves.

But by Sunday, it was all over, as Apple, Google and finally Amazon completely and totally de-platformed the exciting and emerging social media site.

While Parler has been down for a few days now, there could be a glimmer of light at the end of what would have otherwise been a very long and dark tunnel. According to the Washington Examiner, Parler executives might find refuge in a web hosting company that is known to work with conservative websites.

Internet records show that the Parler domain and its back-end server was registered on Monday with Epik — a company who already hosts a number of conservative or right-leaning websites. It’s the same web company that hosts yet another popular Twitter alternative called, which is also experiencing a massive spike in new users.

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Epik didn’t specify whether or not that a deal had been struck with Parler to bring the site back online, but in a statement, it admitted that Parler is actively “working on satisfying the requested terms placed upon them.”

The company has also argued on behalf of Parler, pointing out the raw deal that Parler received in the wake of the big tech censorship crackdown, even calling the situation an “undeniable double standard.”

One way or another, the people behind Parler seem hell-bent on getting the site operational once again, as they’ve already filed a lawsuit against Amazon in an attempt to convince a judge to compel the massive company to reinstate the site on their Amazon Web Services platform.

“Parler is finished as it has no way to get online,” the lawsuit said, while adding that Amazon’s takedown, even a temporary one, is “financially devastating.”

Fox News regular guest Dan Bongino, a Parler investor, vowed on Monday to do everything within his power to get the site back online so that Trump supporters have a place to communicate, even claiming that he would risk financial ruin in the process if it requires it.

“Parler will be back, just so the audience understands,” Bongino said. “I will go bankrupt and destitute before I let this happen.”

Hopefully, for the future protection of free speech for supporters of the current president, Parler and Epik are able to strike a deal that will allow the site to become operational again. The platform will still be crippled, as it will likely never be available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store ever again, but they’ve gotta start somewhere.

Source: Parler Might Have Just Found a Way To Re-Launch Thanks To Conservative-Friendly Company

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