Could Any of Us Pass the Roy Moore Test?

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“Could Any of Us Pass the Roy Moore Test?”

By Donna Garner



Let’s see if I could pass the “Roy Moore Test.” 


I am 76 years old now and have been married for 54 years.  How old was the young man I dated when I was in high school?  I cannot remember his name, but I vaguely remember meeting him at church. I think he was a fireman. My parents allowed me to go on a date with him because they had visited with him at a church supper and thought he seemed dependable and nice.


Now that I look back after watching Roy Moore’s lynching by the Washington Post, I would have a hard time providing any details about the fireman. In fact, how old was I at the time? I was pretty mature for my age because my parents had reared me to be so. (In fact, when I was in ninth grade, I rode the train for 1,500 miles all by myself to go to a church convention.)  However, I certainly could not tell you how old the fireman was nor how old I was at the time I dated him.


How many of you under public lynching and duress could give every single detail about people you dated 40 years ago?




Remember that Roy Moore is the man who was removed from being the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003. What was his terrible “sin”?  He refused to remove the monument of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building. 


A second time when he was Chief Justice (2016 – during Obama’s administration), Roy Moore committed another huge “sin.” This time he was suspended from the bench because he directed probate judges to continue to enforce Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage.  




Roy Moore was born in Gadsden, Alabama (Etowah County seat). He attended Gallant High School (Gallant, AL — present population about 900 people) for his freshman year and then transferred to Etowah County High School from which he graduated in 1965.. He received an appointment to West Point and graduated with a B. S. in 1969, became the commander of the military police in Vietnam, was discharged as a captain in 1974, went to the U. of Alabama School of Law, received a Juris Doctor degree in 1977, and returned home to the Gadsden, Alabama, area to practice law when he was 30 years old.  


If you had been a parent with an eligible young daughter, would you have wanted your daughter to find just such an eligible young man as Roy Moore even if he was a few years older than your daughter? 


From looking at Roy Moore’s busy life, I imagine he had not had much time to date until he came back to the Gadsden area to practice law; and he undoubtedly had close family relationships among many people living in that area. I imagine at this time in his life, he was finally ready to settle down and was probably looking for just the right girl to marry.


Moore found the right girl and married Kayla in 1985; they have been married for 32 years.  They have two daughters, two sons, and five grandchildren. Roy Moore and Kayla are strong evangelical Christians; and from all accounts by the millions of Alabamans who know them well, “Roy and Kayla walk the talk.”




I decided to go back to an article that I wrote on 12.6.11, “Sickened by Evil Events” —


I wrote this article at a time when Herman Cain was running for President of the United States against Obama, and the similarities between then and now are startling. 


Once again, the leftwing news media who served as Obama’s personal campaign publicists were busy lynching Herman Cain. They dug up women who had the same type of M.O. as the women in the recent Washington Post smear job of Roy Moore except this time the reporters delved 39 years back so that it would be almost impossible for their despicable article to be disproven in time for the upcoming Dec. 12, 2017 U. S. Senate elections.  The WashPo reporters timed their article just right. In the normal political cycle, these smear-job articles are known as “October Surprises.”


Leigh Corfman, the 14-year old girl in the WashPo/Roy Moore story, came from a divorced family, has had three divorces, has filed for bankruptcy, and has had IRS problems. The other three girls mentioned in the story had no sexual encounters with Roy Moore but were mentioned to try to make Roy Moore look like a sexual predator.  Supposedly the four women do not know each other and the Washington Post reporters sought them out.  


As Mark Levin very capably said on 11.10.17:


How did the WaPo know there were four women, who they were, and how to contact them?… A Washington Post reporter just happens to be in Alabama talking to Roy Moore supporters… And he happens to hear what no one has reported in 38 years, no political opponents – No one… That Roy Moore, 38 years ago, made advances to teenage girls. Four of them. Now, the four girls do not know each other, they have never met. Yet the person who the Post reporter happened to run into and speak to, the person who supposedly told the reporter the story about the four girls, happened to know all four girls and how to contact them?





[Ginger] White has the whole combo-platter of questionable accuser attributes: She’s another financially troubled, twice-divorced, unemployed single mother, who has claimed sexual harassment in the past, declared bankruptcy once, was accused of stalking and had a libel judgment entered against her just this year. So far in 2011, she’s had nine liens put on her property.  


Then we found out Sharon [Bialek] was in constant financial trouble, had been involved in a paternity lawsuit, was known as a “gold digger,” had a string of debts and had twice filed for personal bankruptcy. Also, she admitted she knew Obama’s dirty tricks specialist, David Axelrod.


As if that weren’t enough, then it turned out that Karen [Kraushaar] had also filed a complaint at her next job just three years later, charging that a manager had circulated a sexually explicit joke email comparing computers to men and women. She demanded a raise and the right to work at home.






This lynching of Herman Cain [and also Roy Moore] reminds me of when we used to play the game of Gossip as little children.  We would sit in a circle; and the first person in the circle would start a story. Each of us in turn would whisper into the next person’s ear the same story but would add a piece of gossip to it. Then the last person in the circle would tell the complete story adding all the pieces of gossip, and we would all laugh as we heard how vastly the story had changed from the beginning version. Of course, the point was to demonstrate how hearsay and gossip could affect the original version.


Why as American voters are we not smart enough to put two and two together to figure out that this whole thing was a diabolical and contrived plot to destroy the Republican candidate whom Obama feared the most – Herman Cain?  By being gullible, we have allowed the Saul Alinsky Method to succeed. This does not bode well for the future of our country’s elections, and I am desperately concerned that solid conservative candidates will be afraid to throw their names into the political ring.


I believe in time Herman Cain’s name will be cleared as the truth comes out. It is my hope that he will not stop investigating until he finds out who was behind this lynching. [By the way, as soon as Herman Cain dropped out of the campaign, these women were never heard from again.]


If for no other reason than to help those conservative candidates who come after him [e.g., Roy Moore], Herman Cain needs to pursue this investigation…


With each succeeding victory, those who wish to do evil are emboldened. The way to stop this is to locate those responsible, force them into the “light of public scrutiny,” file defamation of character charges against them, and even sentence them to prison time if criminal acts have been committed. The way to stop a bully is through strength, not appeasement.





11.10.17 — “Wash. Post’s Vile Story To Vilify Roy Moore – Leigh Corfman Has Troubled Past”  — By Donna Garner —


11.10.17 – Chart: Comparison of Roy Moore (Republican) vs. Doug Jones (Democrat) — 


11.10.17 – “Photos: Moore Accuser a Democrat Activist – Had Closely Worked with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign” – InfoWars



11.10.17 – “Alabama Accuser Deletes Anti-Moore Postings from Facebook, Rants About Removing Trump from Office” – by Aaron Klein – Breitbart

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