Pass the Popcorn—It’s ‘Pencil Neck’s Big Soviet-Style Show

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By Judi McLeod –

Pass the Popcorn—It’s ‘Pencil Neck’s Big Soviet-Style Show

Calling all Patriots:  Deranged Democrats and their running dog mainstream and social media have reserved front row centre seats for you in a Soviet-style show trial called the Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry.

Every effort has been made to make television viewers a world-wide captive audience—but nerves of steel and a cast iron stomach will be needed to watch it.

Adam Schiff’s Christine Blasey Ford-like “whistleblower”—if she/he even exists—being firmly MIA, this is ‘Pencil Neck’s hour in the sun.  No one will be able to keep their popcorn down.

Networks’ “Trump Impeachment Coverage”  are out to make you gag

Thanks to broadcast cable news networks who will preempt regular programming coverage,  for ratings-seeking networks will be “wall to wall”.

In short, all networks, including Fox News calling it “Trump Impeachment Coverage”,  are out to make you gag.

Along with Fox, the network lineup includes ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC. PBS, CNN and CSPAN.

Fox News would undoubtedly argue, we have to give the Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ wall to wall coverage, because ‘it’s the News’.

But It’s NOT the News, it’s out and out propaganda that television networks insist is the News—three years later—and still going.

Fox News Channel plans what it calls “wall to wall” coverage of the matter, led at 9 a.m. Wednesday by Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith. They will be  joined by Martha MacCallum, Dana Perino, and  Juan Williams. Bret Baier and Chris Wallace Will anchor from Washington.

The Soviet-style show trial called ‘The Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry’

“ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS on Wednesday will preempt their regularly scheduled programming for live coverage of the House Intelligence Committee’s open impeachment hearings of President Trump. (The Hill, Nov. 11, 2019)

“As expected, all of the major cable news networks, including Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and CSPAN will also offer live coverage.”

Count on the networks’ same talking heads sucking the meat off all of the leftover bones until the next wall to wall coverage of the next instalment.

As Senator Richard Burr predicts “the Impeachment Trial will last 6-8 weeks, 6 days a week, from 12:30 to 6:30”, taking us through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Soviet-style show trial called ‘The Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry’ gets underway this morning while some 200 million Americans are under an Arctic deep freeze.  The Dems and media are counting on watching television to warm them up.

Expect only the shortest of relief as the networks also expect to break into the regular schedule Friday morning, when another hearing is planned.

The clamoring networks see the Soviet-style Impeachment Show as no escape for the masses.

In the prelude to Showtime,TV networks have blasted Trump with 96% negative news.

‘Pencil Neck’s Big Moment in the sun

Call it the Warm Up.

“TV’s fascination with Democrats’ impeachment push has crowded out nearly all other news about the administration. During the six weeks since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the inquiry (September 24 through November 5), the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts churned out 398 minutes of coverage to the Ukraine scandal, or more than three-fifths of all administration news during this period (645 minutes). (NewsBusters, Nov. 12, 2019)

Count on Adam Schiff’s friends, relatives, supporters and maybe even his kindergarten teacher to be there for ‘Pencil Neck’s Big Moment in the sun.

When was the last time anybody got to see a LIVE Impeachment?

Meanwhile, remember when watching it all go down, that you’ve not only been there before—but have already survived three years of it.

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