Passing the Bar: Resources for Preparation

Feb 20, 2018 by

The bar exam is the essential test that you need to take and pass when you want to practice law. Whether you are taking the exam for a specific jurisdiction or the multistate version of the exam, you will need to prepare for it in advance. Bar preparation will help you understand what material is on the exam and how you can effectively study so that you are ready to pass the test. Here are some resources and techniques that can help you prepare for the exam.

Consider Taking Prep Courses

One of the easiest ways to get started on preparing for the bar exam is to seek out prep courses that can help you. These courses can provide a lot of information and strategies for test taking in general, as well as specific teaching on what information appears in the test. A study course may resemble a regular classroom setting so that you can ask questions and get help with anything that may be giving you difficulties. These courses may also offer an option to take a practice test, which can also be beneficial to your studies.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Study

This type of exam doesn’t creep up on law students all of a sudden. It is known that this is one of the last tasks you have to complete before you are able to start practicing law. Giving yourself plenty of time to study, even if you have a very busy schedule, will help you feel more prepared for the test than if you try to cram two weeks before your scheduled exam. This type of test requires knowledge that you will use throughout your career, so you can take the time to study a little every day to help you retain the necessary information.

If you find it beneficial to study with others, you can also join a study group that can help you stay accountable for your study time and provide you with the support that you need while preparing for the test.

Take Advantage of Practice Exams

Knowing the information you need to study is just one aspect of being able to successfully take the bar exam. The other aspect of the test is being able to sit down and take it with minimal anxiety. Some people can know all of the information they need but still experience anxiety that hinders the test taking process. To alleviate any fears of the exam, it is important to take one or two practice exams. This will not only prepare you for the types of questions you will encounter, but will help you go through the whole test taking process.

Because the bar exam is a timed exam, it is important to set up your practice test just like the real thing. Make sure to have a quiet space to take the practice test and time it so that you know if you are going too fast or too slow on each question. Once you feel comfortable taking the test, you can sign up for your exam.

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