Pastor Sunday Adelaja: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Jun 3, 2019 by

Written By: Isaac Ogungbe; Twitter: @Trusted_Justice

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, once a respected teacher of the truth, Pastor Sunday Adelaja has sold his soul to the God of YouTube.

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Pastor Sunday Adelaja claims to be a Man of God, but he is nothing more than a conman tainting the pulpit with lies and spreading animus vitriol aimed at righteous teachers of the faith. He has and continues to abuse his position as a trusted minister leading his followers astray.

Slandering Others Makes You a Fool

Pastor Adelaja has been blinded by views and likes in a social media world that can offer him no redemption, no saving grace. His YouTube videos, blog updates and copious social media posts are a blatant effort to divert attention away from his own public scandals. His flamboyant videos, loaded with colorful rhetoric, are simply an attempt to whitewash his own image by smearing the reputations of those men who are respected within the Christian community for their unwavering devotion to God.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja has made a mockery out of his so-called church and is an embarrassment to those who once followed him. While he continues to claim that he is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, once a popular church in Ukraine, his congregation has all but abandoned him after he revealed his true character to them.

A Reputation Marred by Sin

Pastor Adelaja embarrassingly and publicly admitted to multiple scandalous affairs with several female parishioners. He sought absolution for his abhorrent behavior but in 2016, church leaders defrocked Adelaja finding him unfit to minister the Word of God. After considering his unchristian actions, the Russian Associated Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (ROSKhVE) removed him from “all forms of church ministry including preaching, counseling, and leadership.”1

Prior to these explosive confessions, Pastor Adelaja had been previously been subject to criminal allegations relating to his involvement in a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by the King’s Capital financial group, led by a member of Adelaja’s congregation. King’s Capital is accused of defrauding investors, many of whom were Adelaja’s own congregants, out of over $100 million. Sunday Adelaja has been accused of being complicit in the scheme and of encouraging his members to invest in the fund, members who trusted him.

While he has yet to be charged for his participation in the Ponzi scheme, the investigations into the fraudulent actions of King’s Capital and Pastor Sunday Adelaja are on-going. As the subject of an open investigation, Adelaja is forbidden to leave Ukraine. Several members of his congregation, victims of the fraud, filed a civil suit against Pastor Adelaja for unofficially running the fund from behind the scenes and using his powerful position for his own personal financial gain.

At the height of his popularity in Ukraine, Adelaja was accused by some of artificially inflating his total number of religious followers. Others were publicly critical of his claims that he played a significant role in Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, arguing that his political ambitions were incongruous with his position as a religious leader.

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Pastor Adelaja’s hateful actions are fueled by wicked motives. He is using dirty tricks of the new digital age to poach followers from those dignified men who he sees as his competition, treating Christianity as if it is a business, not a holy devotion to Christ. No longer able to command his own congregation of loyal, devoted followers, Adelaja spews blasphemous allegations against prominent church leaders in what appear to be jealous rants. Pastor Adelaja is far better suited as a Nollywood actor than a serious religious leader.

Sunday Adelaja routinely posts videos shamelessly throwing other Nigerian pastors under the metaphorical bus to attract views to his YouTube channel. His frequent posts garner an average of 1000 views if he is lucky. However, whenever Adelaja posts a video attacking another pastor or church leader, his video views skyrocket to 30k or more. His videos attacking the respected and revered Bishop David Oyedepo have upwards of 80k views. Targeting these true Men of God is an obvious tactic Pastor Adelaja has exploited for his own gain.

It is worth noting that in his brazen attacks on other pastors, he neglects to show any remorse for the pain that his own actions have caused. While pretending to be a true believer and teacher of Christ, Pastor Sunday Adelaja is steeped in the stain of fraud that no amount of video editing can erase. Adelaja is distorting the scripture while adding nothing of value with his sermons, simply exposing his own ugly pride and envy.

Evil Begets Evil

Proverbs 14:30 reads, “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” When Sunday Adelaja attacks Bishop Oyedepo in his videos he exposes his own hateful jealousy, promoting himself and his sinful pride, not the true glory of God. You cannot serve God when you are serving yourself.

What kind of man who calls himself a preacher of God dedicates so much of his time to tear down and insult others. The hate that he broadcasts is unpalatable and slanderous. How horrible it must be for those who seek the love of God to hear the spiteful rantings of a broken man.

Pastor Adelaja’s videos spread slanderous lies about men who are obedient to God. What is it that Adelaja hopes to achieve with his offensive videos and social media pages? After viewing their content, it is obvious that he doesn’t seek forgiveness or redemptions for his past sins as a good Christian would do. Instead, he has chosen to make enemies and humiliate himself by criticizing every action and deed of virtuous leaders of churches across the world.

After losing his church and ruining his own reputation, Pastor Adelaja is grasping at social media in a sorry attempt to stay relevant. It is vital that Christians remain vigilant and resistant to his efforts to smear reputable ministers like Bishop Oyedepo and the others Adelaja derides in his prolific online posts. Pastor Sunday Adelaja is no longer an esteemed man of faith, but an enemy of the church of true believers.


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