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Oh-NoAustin American-Statesman – Science Textbook Adoptions at Texas State Board of Education


[Of course we all know that when ultra-liberal-left reporter Kate Alexander focuses only on one issue and makes that the whole point of her story (the difference between 4 billion and 4.2 billion years for the cooling of the Earth), the other 19 factual errors found in the Pearson biology instructional materials at the Texas State Board of Education meeting last night must have been very significant.  


Also, when the only Texas State Board of Education member whom Kate bothers to quote is left-leaning, registered lobbyist Thomas Ratliff (whose client Microsoft is “joined at the hip” with Pearson), we also know that Kate and her leftist buddies must be desperate and fear defeat.  Good!  This makes me know that the errors that were found in the Pearson biology materials were substantial and that Pearson got caught not aligning its materials with the SBOE-adopted Science TEKS.  


FACT:  The Science TEKS do not mention Intelligent Design and creationism because that would make them unconstitutional. The fact is that the Science TEKS mandate that instructional materials must cover all sides of leading scientific theories, and publishers who were foolish enough to try to circumvent those mandates deserve to be called out and blacklisted.


It is also interesting that Kate did not bother to give the name of the publisher of the environmental textbook that contained biased content against the gas and oil industry.  I wonder if that could be another textbook tied to Pearson or to one of her favorite left-leaning publishers.


Once we get the final list of Science instructional materials approved by the SBOE, we grassroots citizens will make sure that the public knows which instructional materials are rated the highest; and we will then proceed to inform people all over Texas that they need to make sure their local school districts adopt only the instructional materials that are rated the highest toward meeting the TEKS standards. – Donna Garner]




Evolution dispute entangles Pearson biology textbook at State Board of Education

Posted: 12:11 a.m. Friday, Nov. 22, 2013


[Because the AaS is pay-for-subscription, i can only give EXCERPTS FROM THIS ARTICLE. – Donna garner]

The State Board of Education’s ideological struggle with the teaching of evolution in Texas classroom resurfaced late Thursday night as the board prepared to give final approval to new science textbooks.

A high school biology textbook written by mega-publisher Pearson Education ran into a snag because of a series of purported errors in how the book covers evolution and other related issues.

… “I agree that these are not actually errors,” said Josh Rosenau of the National Center for Science Education


The board opted to kick the lingering questions to a panel of three experts to decide if they are indeed errors. The book will be approved contingent upon the finding of the experts.


The board-appointed reviewer raised 20 “factual errors” and Pearson, whose current textbook is used by more than half of Texas’ biology students, challenged 19 of them.


Among the issues was a contention in the book that the Earth had cooled 4.2 billion years ago; the reviewer maintained the correct time frame was 4 billion years ago


Board member Thomas Ratliff, R-Mount Pleasant, asserted that approval process had been “hijacked. This book is being held hostage to make political changes,” he said.

Prior to Thursday night, the science textbook process had been rather uneventful, particularly in light of the firestorm ignited by the board in 2009.


Scientists and advocates say the new textbooks and online instructional materials, which are based on those standards, reflect accepted scientific principles and do not include creationism or intelligent design.


Concerns were also raised about an environmental science textbook because its handling of the oil and gas industry. It’s unclear if the publisher will make changes to address those concerns.


A final vote on all the textbooks and other instructional materials is scheduled for Friday.


Donna Garner

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    Thanks again for letting all of us know what is actually going on in Texas education. Ratliff and Pearson need to be kicked out of the state.

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