Pedophilia & Child Trafficking: A Shocking Scourge Unveiled

Dec 12, 2018 by

By Catherine J. Frompovich –

If parents have never thought about that ‘actuality’, maybe it’s time to look into what’s been going on for decades, if not centuries, regarding the abuse of children, which is totally offensive to me, but indicative of the ‘power struggles’ that go on within the systems of child trafficking, pedophilia and satanic rituals.

The entire ‘subject’ of child abuse and ritual sacrifice is so utterly offensive, plus counter to my sensibilities, that I cannot write about it, as it upsets me too much.  Therefore, I am sharing the works of others who define the horrors children suffer at the hands of elites and government officials in numerous countries.  Washington, DC, “movers and shakers” by all means, are not pedophilia-free!  Why isn’t that investigated by the corporate-controlled U.S. media?

Is this an example of the ‘deals’ made to protect those who ought to be prosecuted?

Below is the video of former CIA operative Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse delivering his report. Be prepared to be horrified, and even stunned, at what you will hear.

Pedophilia is both the ‘glue’ and the “Achilles heel” of the U.S. Deep State, according to Mr. Steele.

How does that sit with you?  Isn’t it about time to drain ALL the pedophilia swamps?

ITNJ Chief Counsel Robert David Steele
15:45 minutes

Here is an exceptional “Commentary by Brian Shilhavy,Editor at Health Impact News, to whom I defer, and also thank, for his work in exposing the horror of horrors—child abuse, which apparently is “allowed to flourish and be profitable” for those mentally-sick control freaks who practice it.

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Source: Pedophilia & Child Trafficking: A Shocking Scourge Unveiled

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