Pennsylvania high school asks students to lay off Axe Body Spray

Mar 21, 2013 by

In what must be a crippling blow to some especially suave male students, Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has asked students to stop using Axe Body Spray.

The request reportedly comes after a student’s severe allergic reaction to the pungent — but affordable! — cologne, reports ABC News. The unnamed student had to be rushed to a local hospital in an ambulance.

As notes, the details of the student’s potentially life-threatening reaction and the chemicals involved are not known. It’s also unclear who wore the offending spray.

The Christian Science Monitor carries the full text of a school official’s statement, which was published on the Freedom High’s website. The statement explained what happened and appealed to students to make prudent fragrance choices going forward.

“My request to all Freedom Family members is that we take into consideration this student’s allergy to Axe Body Spray and refrain from using it as your cologne or fragrance of choice while attending Freedom High School,” the statement read.

Axe Body Spray comes in a variety of aromatic scents, including Phoenix (a “classic, fruity, fresh fragrance”), Excite (a “blend of caramel, coconut, and hazelnut notes”), and Dark Temptation (“as irresistible as chocolate”).

Unilever, multinational maker of over 400 consumer goods, manufactures an entire line of male grooming products under the Axe brand name.

“We were made aware of a report about an allergic reaction, and we are looking into the matter,” a spokesman told ABC News via email. “If there are any issues with our products, we advise consumers to reach out to our Consumer Services Team at our 800 phone number, which is available on the back of our product packaging.”

Principal Michael LaPorta told ABC the student “is fine,” but has not returned to school yet.

via Pennsylvania high school asks students to lay off Axe Body Spray | The Daily Caller.

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