People with autism have ‘supercharged’ brains

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Findings consistent with the theory that autism is the consequence of supercharged brains that make the world an intensely painful place

It is a theory that challenges conventional views of autism.

The mere mention of the condition evokes a stereotype – a socially-awkward child who struggles to comprehend the world around them.

But growing evidence suggests that those children diagnosed with autism are in fact ‘hyper-functional’, possessing ‘supercharged’ brains that are acutely sensitive to the world around them.

Now, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, have shown that the brains of rats with autism are ‘unusually sensitive to rearing environment’.

The authors note that ‘like an orchid, it (an autistic brain) requires specific conditions to flourish’.

The scientists said: ‘These findings are consistent with the Intense World Theory of autism, which proposes that autistic brains process and store information excessively… together suggesting that a predictable enriched environment could provide a safe haven of structural anchors in a world of sensory and emotional overflow.’

In 2007, researchers Kamila Markam, Henry Markam and Tania Rinaldi developed the Intense World Theory of autism.

It proposes that autism is the consequence of a supercharged brain that makes the world a painfully intense place.

It suggests that the symptoms of autism are the result of people being forced to develop strategies to actively avoid the intensity and pain.

The theory predicts that a child with autism retreats into a controllable and predictable bubble to protect themselves.

In the latest study, researchers including Kamila and Henry Markam, found evidence to support the theory.

Source: People with autism have ‘supercharged’ brains: Those with the condition are ‘over-sensitive to the world – and not impaired’ | Daily Mail Online

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