People who Teachers should meet the first week of school

Aug 15, 2019 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

The first week of school is an interesting experience. I have written about it the last few days and have gotten a wonderful response- so- I will continue to share some ideas and insights from Jerry Brooks.

One person that the new teacher should meet is the SCHOOL COUNSELOR—

Check out what a typical school counselor does and encounters on a daily basis:

Another person that all new teachers should meet is the SCHOOL NURSE

Here is what your typical school nurse encounters on a daily basis:

And of course, all new teachers should meet the SCHOOL SECRETARY . The school secretary seems to know just about everything about everyone and all the rules and regulations and tries to cope with all these teachers and students on a daily basis

Of course, come of this is slightly exaggerated- depending upon what state you live in and what kind of school you teach in, and the curriculum that you follow. Actually, the curriculum probably has nothing at all to do with anything- but I like to use the word curriculum.

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