The Perfect Family

Mar 17, 2016 by

Dr. Joni Samples –

If we’re talking about Perfect Schools in this edition of SEEN, then let’s talk about the Perfect Family. You know the one I’d describe. It’s the family with 2.5 children. The kids are all top students and well-behaved in every event and activity. They always get the perfect attendance awards. The mom and dad have been married for a number of years, and it’s the only marriage for both of them. He’s a businessman yet he still has lots of time for his kids. She’s a stay home mom who volunteers for various activities yet is always supportive about what she’s engaged with.image

What a couple! What wonderful kids! They’re such a pleasure to have in classes. And as long as we’re dreaming, don’t forget the grandparents. They show up too and even bring homemade cookies for the class now and then. Oh, for a roomful of those kids and families.

Hmm… I’ve been in education, teaching, administering, and consulting, for oh so many years now. I’m trying to remember a family like that one. My memory may be a bit fuzzy, but I may have had something close to that my first or second year of teaching when I was in a very middle class, white neighborhood in Orange County, California. I was only there three years, and I haven’t been in a school like that since then, but there might have been a family like that. Honestly what I remember more is Dexter from my first year of teaching. He was identified and placed in an ED class at the end of that first year. He taught me a great deal about teaching. My second year there was Michael and of his two siblings, one had cancer and the other a brain tumor. He was the “normal one” as his mom put it, yet he was identified with childhood schizophrenia by the end of the school year. Neither of those families matched my “perfect family” description, yet they both handled their issues with amazing understanding, navigating waters that none of us should ever want for ourselves or our children.

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