Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia: popular destinations to learn Spanish

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Spanish is a language that is gaining more and more followers every day. Nearly 21 million people worldwide study Spanish as a foreign language, 50% of U.S. university students choose to learn Spanish and it is estimated that by 2060 the United States will have the second (if not the first) number of Spanish speakers. There are plenty of reasons not to miss the opportunity to learn Spanish, especially abroad. But where to do it?

Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia are three increasingly popular destinations for foreign Spanish students. Their proximity to the United States and their rich cultural and tourist heritage make them perfect places to improve their knowledge of Spanish learned in school or high school or from where to begin a full immersion language adventure in Spanish.

Ecuador, explore half the world

There are few countries in the world with such a diversity of cultures and natural sites. Located in the northwest of South America,
Ecuador offers visitors many treasures: from the Galapagos Islands to the Andes or the Amazon jungle, to name but a few. A unique and authentic experience in a country that enjoys welcoming foreign visitors and is proud of its culture and eager to share its traditions and rituals.

Of all the places in the country, Quito stands out not only as the capital but also as a place of great heritage and historical value. In addition to being the first Latin American city to become independent from Spain, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1978 and from there it is possible to travel to any other point in Ecuador.

Learning Spanish in a city like Quito is a good choice even for students with a lower level of the language, as the “Quiteños” (the name given to its inhabitants) speak clear Spanish, with good pronunciation, which will motivate you to practice Spanish. Its eternal spring, thanks to its privileged location on the equator, is also another interesting attraction.

Peru, in the wake of the Inca culture

Once the cradle of the great
Inca civilization , today it preserves the vestiges of this culture, which coexists alongside great examples of colonial architecture. Many students who decide to study Spanish in Peru do so attracted by the magnificence of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, to end up falling in love with the warmth of Peruvians and the richness of their culture and gastronomy.

Cusco is one of the best cities to take a
Spanish course, with pre-Columbian remains such as the Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun) and the possibility of living a complete immersion in Spanish and Inca history and culture while enjoying the delights of Peruvian cuisine. If you like to explore, Peru has much more to offer: Lake Titicaca, Amantaní Island, the Nazca Desert…

Bolivia, the most traditional and virgin country in South America

Bolivia is a country suitable for the tastes of all types of travelers, with natural parks, archaeological ruins, cities, desert areas, jungle, Andean plateau, lakes such as the Titicaca, islands, salt flats such as Uyuni or volcanoes. Due to the Andes, much of the country’s indigenous population has remained isolated and has maintained the essence of the past to this day. In some parts of the country, it is possible to travel for miles without crossing anyone, only herds of llamas along the way.

Learning Spanish in Bolivia means a true cultural immersion experience in all aspects and Sucre is a good starting point to explore the country. A small and charming colonial town located in the Bolivian Andean highlands and nicknamed “White City of the Americas” for the numerous white facades of the colonial buildings. It is also one of the safest cities in Bolivia and is easy to walk around on foot and engage in conversation with locals and other students and travelers from all over the world.

As in the case of Ecuador, the Spanish spoken in Bolivia is easy for beginners to understand or even if you are not yet very proficient in Spanish. This, together with the hospitality of Bolivians, is highly valued by foreign students of Spanish.

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