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Peruvian teacher unionists encircle airport, block highway to protest reforms

May 27, 2013 by

By Kyle Olson

PUNO, Peru – In another example of international teacher unions gone wild, consider the actions of Peruvian educators.

Like their Mexican counterparts, they didn’t like reforms being promoted by their nation’s Congress. So what to do? Break stuff!

Peru This Week reported in 2012:

Flights arriving and departing from Juliaca’s Inca Manco Capac Airport, in the Puno region, have been suspended after protestors attempted to take over the airport on Wednesday, RPP reported.

Local prosecutor Yober Chaiña Mamani told RPP the airport was forced to suspend flights after members of the Conare-Sutep teachers’ union (an alternative to the Sutep teachers’ union, and with alleged links to Movadef) surrounded the airport’s perimeter.


Protestors – who have been on an indefinite strike for the past 42 days over wage disputes – burned tires, and knocked over security barriers while attempting to break into the airport.


In 2011, a tourist provided a first-hand account on a travel review site:

Hi, I am writing from Puno, Peru


There is currently a strike which blocked all the roads south of July to the Bolivian border. If you don´t want to get in trouble, stay away from any tours to Bolivia from Puno until the strike is over (or any travel south of Puno for that matter).


Today we were supposed to come back from our 2 day tour to the Isla Del Sol. It took us 9 hours to get back to Puno.


It was the scariest day of my life. First they brought us back to July from the Isla Del Sol to take a bus to Puno. But by then the strikers blocked roads around July (they started a few days ago by blocking the area between Desaguadero to Pomata and then gradually moving up North).


Crillon tours (Bolivian company) did not cancel our tour but changed it dramatically. So, when we got to Juli on the way back, they put us in the bus and tried to send this bus to Puno. The strikers blocked the road – when they came running and screaming towards our bus (with only me and my husband in it) they scared us so much! Fortunately, they never entered the bus (don´t know why but thanks God).


Another tourist visited Peru in 2007 and wrote this:

The first strike I experienced was back in 2007. I was in Ayacucho and there was a teacher strike. All of the roads in and out of Ayacucho were blocked by rocks and boulders. Groups of teachers and their supporters would be walking down the street. I was in a combi (passenger van converted into a minibus for public transportation). The combi was blocked for a couple of minutes with people walking by on both sides chanting slogans. It was a surreal experience. It was a little scary because some of the protesters had sticks or rocks in their hands but they never targeted us in any way.


Is this the way adults should act in their efforts to impact public policy? Shouldn’t it alarm everyone that unions – and their apologists – find this type of behavior appropriate?

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