Petraeus To Join Harvard University

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Its-About-Time-TitleFormer general and CIA director David Petraeus is set to become a Harvard Man.

Petraeus has been tapped as a non-resident senior fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School, and will help lead a new project called “The Coming North America Decades,” with a special focus on energy, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences revolutions, according to Harvard officials in a statement released Friday. They added the project also will look at potential policy choices that could help or hinder American interests.

Petraeus, who resigned from the CIA in the wake of a humiliating personal scandal, also holds academic positions at the City University of New York as well as at the University of Southern California, but not without controversy.

There has been some backlash at USC over his arrival. Additional controversy erupted after CUNY gave Petraeus a job with an annual salary of $200,000–all for teaching just one course. Later, Petraeus agreed to teach the course for the dramatically reduced salary of just $1. Accordingly, Petraeus’s teaching gig came to be seen as an effort to rehabilitate his public image. Upon his arrival at CUNY, students ambushed him with in-your-face protests.

The Harvard press release does not specify when Petraeus’s fellowship begins, The Harvard Crimson reports.

As an aside, Harvard is the same university that reportedly booted Petraeus’ mistress because her coursework did not meet the university’s standards.

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