Phlebotomy Training: How Does a Phlebotomy Certification Help Me?

Nov 29, 2018 by

Phlebotomists, at least good ones, are always in demand in the field of healthcare. Becoming a phlebotomist can be an exciting position that will open you up to numerous opportunities in medicine, but getting the right phlebotomy certification first is critical. While a phlebotomy certification and licensing are not quite necessary to get started as one, the truth is that there are certain perks that come with a phlebotomy certification. This is how a phlebotomy certification will help you:

It will help you find a job

Phlebotomy technicians are not required to get certification in every state. To become a Phlebotomist, you can start as early as completing high school; all you need is a high school diploma with out prior medical employment history or background. Although most states do not require certification or licensing, you will find that most employers do. So,if you want to increase your chances of getting a job, then a phlebotomy certification and licensing is something that you should seriously consider.

It will allow you to advance

If you do not intend on being a phlebotomist forever, then a certification is just what you will need to get your foot into the medical or healthcare industry. As a phlebotomist, your  phlebotomy training can be applied and used in an array of medical settings and in a range of different programs if advancing to other healthcare positions is something that you have toyed with. Whether you are interested in becoming a nurse, an EMT, paramedic or CNA, a certification in Phlebotomy will place you perfectly so that you can even start learning before enrolling in some of these advanced medical programs.

It will allow you to ask for a higher salary

If you are just starting out as a phlebotomist, you should not expect to make much. However, as you get more job experience and as you learn on the job, you will be able to demand a higher salary owing to your certification. On average phlebotomy technicians make about $23,000 a year when they are just starting out but there is always room to grow with the potential of earning as much as $45,000 per year.

License Renewal

Part of becoming a certified technician also means doing everything that you can to maintain your credentials. Most certifying bodies such as the American Medical Technologists, and the National Phlebotomy Association,which administer these exams, require annual certificate renewal. What this means is that you will always be on trend regarding new techniques in phlebotomy so that you can continue to stand out and do well in your field.

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