Phonics, faith and coding for primary school kids

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Australia’s “Christian heritage’’ will be taught in schools in a slimmed-down national curriculum that focuses on phonics to ­improve children’s reading.

History and geography have been scrapped as stand-alone subjects, in a back-to-basics return to traditional teaching.

But 21st-century computer coding will be taught in primary school, starting in Year 5, in the new curriculum endorsed by Australia’s education ministers yesterday.

Indigenous issues have been cut from parts of the curriculum, and students will no longer be taught about Harmony Week, ­National Reconciliation Week, or NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) week.

Students will continue to learn about Australia Day, Anzac Day and National Sorry Day. The Year 6 study of the contribution of “individua­ls and groups” to Australian society will no longer ­include a reference to indigenous people or migrants, and will be confined to the post-Federation period.

The existing requirement to study Australia’s connection to Asia has been deleted from the new curriculum.

Source: Schools go back to basics

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    Tunya Audain

    Comments Show “Progressive” Occupation Of Education System (Australia)

    Australia has gone through some intense soul-searching over the last few years — reviews, testimony, research and consultations into its education system. It’s a story yet to be chronicled. Nonetheless, we can extrapolate from comments — compare with our systems — and hopefully benefit from insights so as not to waste more precious time in harming the students we care about.

    The fuller story on Australia’s new curriculum is here

    Some relevant comments:

    *** I have fought against the system as a teacher . . . branded as someone who does not want to keep up with the times, a complainer . . . Believe me I had a reason. When phonics was out, I still taught it! . . . There are still lots of us who cared. But we had to fight and do things underhandedly. You can’t just blame the teachers, it is often the ministers who are sidelined by public servants who are informed by the leftist academics . . .

    *** Will anyone apologise to the generation of children who suffered due to this misguided education experiment?

    *** It was in the 60’s when the teachers unions and state labor governments decided that we should be more ‘progressive’ and eliminate rote learning, etc.

    *** Yes we must have the 3 R’s as the first priority & social engineering outlawed.

    *** Graduate teachers won’t be allowed to teach until they are deemed to be in the top 30% nationally for literacy and numeracy? Great idea….maybe that should be backdated to some of the current teaching faculty.

    *** Happy days are here again!!! FINALLY some sense being brought back to Australian Education. I now have hope for my grandchildren.

    [Just a few comments from over 300.]

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