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DrBismarckScopeFrom Mayra Thompson, M. D. , Downtown Dallas – Below is Dr. Thompson’s response to Karen Brack’s editorial (6.30.13) in the Dallas Morning News (posted at the bottom of the page):


Dr. Mayra Thompson states:


As a licensed physician, I would like to rebut your editorial that says SB 5 [HB 2/SB 1, Special Session] is solely about politics and not the medical safety of women.

You claim there are no medical reasons to pass SB 5 [HB 2/SB 1, Special Session] based on the safety of women:


Abortion is a surgical procedure known as a D&C (dilation and curettage). It has significant risk of perforation, infection and potential bleeding that could lead to complications such as hysterectomy, hemorrhage and death. When performed on a non-pregnant patient, the lowest level of care is an ambulatory surgery center where the care is safe and complications can be addressed.


However, a pregnant uterus is soft, blood-engorged and even more prone to the same complications [as a D&C}.


If a D&C on a non-pregnant patient can only be done in an ambulatory surgery center (or in a hospital with a higher level of care), it only makes sense that the same procedure with greater risk of complications {with a pregnant patient} should be done in a comparable facility [ambulatory surgery center or hospital].


This is a safety issue for all women. The first reproductive right is safety when undergoing a procedure. There should not be a two-tier system [of lowered care in abortion centers] for the same procedure.


Dr. Mayra Thompson, Downtown Dallas



Dr. Mayra Thompson, MD


Biographical information for Dr. Thompson



Dilation and curettage — D&C



6.30.13 – Karen Brack’s Editorial in Dallas Morning News:

Politicizing private matters

In recent days, we have heard and read about many women who had to face unexpected, unplanned pregnancies. In some of these cases, we read how the women chose to keep their babies and achieved great success and happiness while raising their children alone. Other women have told their stories of success and happiness, having chosen to give their children up for adoption. And, yes, we have even heard from women who said that having an abortion was the best decision they made.

So who is right?

It should be obvious that they are all right. Each woman must make a decision that is right for her individual circumstances. Legislators cannot justifiably make that decision for tens of thousands of women who they don’t even know.

Reproductive rights aren’t about politics; they are about individual rights.

Political conservatives are always claiming that the government is too involved in citizens’ private lives. What could be more private than this?

Karen Brack, Garland




7.6.13 – Excerpts Sharon Albertson and Suzanne Blackstone – Pro-Life Bills in Texas


The Pro-Life Bills in Texas are getting national recognition!

Did you know that 12 other states have similar laws already in place?  Here is an update and what we need to do to be sure our reasonable pro-life views are heard in the media and our Senate and House!


Abortion is the law of the land and House Bill 2 (passed out of committee now moves to the House for a vote possibly on Tuesday) and Senate companion Bill SB1 will provide safety measures for the mother and the baby (including exceptions for health of the mother and severe abnormalities for the baby). These bills include four reasonable protection requirements:

1. Abortion clinics meet safety standards of ambulatory surgery centers.

2. It prohibits abortion after 20 weeks because of pain inflicted on babies.

3. It requires the RU487 abortion pill to be administered following recommendations by FDA standards.

4. It requires that doctors performing abortions have “hospital privileges.”

What’s not to like about these parameters?

Abortion activists continue to create a scene for the media.  According to Julie McCarty, president of North Texas Tea Party, “The Left posted an ad on Craigslist to hire ‘astroturf’ (fake grassroots protestors).  State Rep Jonathan Stickland has received death threats for his vocal support of the bill, as have a few others.  The pro-abortion activists tried to silence the pro-lifers who were singing ‘Amazing Grace’ by chanting ‘Hail Satan!’  And how ’bout those disturbing and graphic posters some protestors (and their kids) are holding.”

In addition State Reps. Jodie Laubenberg and Scott Sanford report threats from the left.

We need you to participate in this battle.  The bills have not passed yet!  Here’s an updated time line:

Monday, July 8 is a critical day to come to the capitol.  The Senate Health & Human Services Committee is hearing SB1 (the Senate version of HB2) by Senator Glenn Hegar in room E1.036 at 10 a.m. in the Capitol extension.  It is so important to come and register in support of SB 1, even if you don’t wish to testify.

7 a.m.:  Doors to the Capitol open. Please arrive before 7 a.m. if possible to get in line.

9 a.m.:  Paper registration begins. Please register in favor of SB 1. If you want to testify, please register that as well. If you’d like to submit written testimony, register that and bring 20 copies to submit.

10 a.m.: Senate Health & Human Services Committee hearing begins in room E1.036. Testimony will be limited to two (2) minutes each. Please plan to stay all day.

7-9 p.m.: Speak Up For Life Rally on the South steps of the Capitol, featuring national pro-life speakers and pro-life legislators, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Peggy Nance (Concerned Women for America), Marilyn Musgrave (Susan B. Anthony List and former congresswoman), Dr. Robert Jeffress (Pastor First Baptist Church, Dallas), Jim Bob & Michelle Dugger with Baby Josie Duggar (who was born at 25 weeks) and others invited, including Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.  Rally sponsors (at this time): Concerned Women for America, Texans Coalition for Life, Texas Right to Life, Texas Eagle Forum, The Heidi Group, Texas Values, Texas Life Chain.  Let’s make this the biggest rally ever!  Bring your friends, family, water and snacks.

WEAR BLUE – This is the only time we want to turn Texas blue!

If you are on Facebook, please “Like” and follow these groups:  Texans for Life, Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Right to Life, The Heidi Group, Pro-life Texas, Texas Values, Concerned Women for America, Texas Eagle Forum, and Texas Coalition for Life

Pro-life Twitterers please follow and retweet using hash tag #Stand4Life and #Pray4lifeTX.

As Sara Ruppel says, “Other groups wear pink sneakers, we wear boots!”

Thanks to Suzanne Blackstone for collecting this information.



If you go to the Capitol in Austin, please watch for these opportunities to pray with other pro-lifers:

  1. 1.     Three circles of prayer (from 6am-6pm) daily
    1. 1.     One circle in lower rotunda (2nd floor)
    2. 2.     One circle in Main Rotunda (2nd floor)
    3. 3.     One circle around the capitol (outside)
  2. 2.     Christian prayer and praise filling Senate Capitol Chapel (4th floor West side)(7am-9pm)


If you cannot go to Austin, please be a prayer warrior, asking the Lord to give favor and protection to all of those pro-lifers who are so passionately trying to protect the unborn and the women of Texas.


Donna Garner

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