Pittsburgh schools to make big cuts in testing

Sep 10, 2014 by

Pittsburgh Public Schools tonight announced a plan to reduce the time spent in testing by as much as half in grades K-5.

“We know we want to minimize the assessments in grades K-5 so we are not overburdening students,” said Allison McCarthy, executive director of curriculum, instruction and assessment who outlined the plan at a school board committee meeting.

The meeting also included the release of school-by-school results on state tests and Advanced Placement exams.

The biggest reductions are planned in grades 3, 4 and 5 where the number of periods spent in testing are to decline from 85.5 periods to 41.5 periods. After school board member Sherry Hazuda was told one period equals 45 minutes, she said, “No wonder people are complaining when you see it like that.”

“This has a great impact on the amount of time our children have to learn,” said board member Carolyn Krug, who said it will reduce stress as well.

via Pittsburgh schools to make big cuts in testing – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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