Pittsburgh schools to hold public workshop for its transgender policy

May 3, 2016 by

A Pittsburgh Public Schools board committee will hold a public workshop tonight in Oakland on a proposed transgender nondiscrimination policy that, among other guidelines, would allow students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

The plan, modeled largely after a similar one already in place at Brashear High School, includes strong, specific language on a subject that has divided school communities across the country.

“Under no circumstance should any student be required to use sex-segregated facilities that are inconsistent with their gender identity,” the policy reads.

One conservative group has come out publicly in opposition since the district posted the draft policy online this month. The Alliance Defending Freedom sent school board members and superintendent Linda Lane a letter discouraging the plan after learning of it from at least one concerned parent.

“These policies violate students’ constitutional right to bodily privacy,” Alliance attorney Matt Sharp said. “We don’t think anyone should be bullying or harassing transgender students or any students. It’s OK to say, ‘Let’s protect our students from bullying, but let’s protect their rights.’ ”

Source: Pittsburgh schools to hold public workshop for its transgender policy | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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