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May 1, 2013 by

donna_garnerby Donna Garner


Yesterday the Associated Press released a long article explaining that the FDA has lowered the age to 15 for buyers of Plan B sold by Teva Pharmaceuticals.


Now anyone (including pimps, sex traffickers, sexual perverts, etc.) as young as 15 can purchase Plan B over the counter (no prescription needed) because Teva has lobbied the FDA on its distribution plan saying, “…girls as young as 15 could understand how Plan B works and use it properly, without the involvement of a health care provider.”


To make it easier for young girls to find Plan B, it will be put on drugstore shelves right next to “condoms, spermicides or other women’s health products.”


Even though schools require parental permission to administer students an aspirin, those same students will be able to purchase Plan B right off the shelves without parents even knowing it.


Young girls will now be able to carry Plan B in their purses right along with their Kit Kats, Twix, and Skittles…how convenient for those unexpected sexual hook-ups!


Teva Pharmaceuticals is going to launch a consumer-education program. Teva says that because Plan B prevents ovulation or fertilization of an egg, it can prevent pregnancy by up to 89% of the time, particularly if Plan B is taken within 72 hours after sex.


However, on its website, Teva puts the following disclaimer at the very bottom of the page in small, very light, hard-to-read print —


Plan B One-Step® is not effective in terminating an existing pregnancy. Do not use Plan B One-Step® if you are already pregnant because it will not work. Plan B One-Step® does not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Side effects may include changes in your period, nausea, lower abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. If your period is more than a week late, you may be pregnant. You should not take Plan B One-Step® if you are already pregnant. Plan B One-Step® should not be used as a routine birth control, as it is not as effective. If you have severe abdominal pain, you may have an ectopic pregnancy, and should get immediate medical help.



What Teva needs to say loud and clear for everyone to hear is that Plan B does absolutely nothing to protect users from contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s, STI’s).


TRANSLATION FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO FACE REALITY:  If Plan B increases sexual activity among teens (which it undoubtedly will because of lessening their worries about getting pregnant), more STD’s will be spread among an already vulnerable age group.





According to the Centers for Disease  Control – National Survey of Grades 9 – 12:  (


47.4% of students have had sexual intercourse.

15.3% have had intercourse with 4 or more persons.



Almost 50% of all new sexually transmitted infections each year are among youth.

1 in 15 sexually active females aged 14-19 years has chlamydia.


20 million – new STD’s that occur each year

$16 billion – the cost of treating STD’s contracted in just one year



2011 – National Trends —


In addition to increasing a person’s risk for HIV infection, STD’s can lead to severe reproductive health complications, such as infertility.


The most reported STD infections among 15 – 24 year olds are Chlamydia (70%) and Gonorrhea (62%).


Estimated New Sexually Transmitted  Infections – Ages 15 – 24


Syphillis – 20%

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV – 2)  – 45%

Gonorrhea – 70%

Trichomoniasis – 13%

Chlamydia – 63%

HPV – 49%

Hepatitis B (HBV) – 8%




Young people ages 15 – 24 account for 50% of the STI’s even though they represent only 25% of the sexually experienced population.


…20% of people with HPV are infected with more than one STI.


At the end of 2009…80,461 young people ages 13-29 were living with HIV, comprising 10% of all people living with HIV.


In 2010, 23% HIV/AIDS were in females..High-risk, heterosexual contact attributed to the majority of HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed among young women.


Young women of color suffer disproportionate rates. At the end of 2010, African American/black and Latinas/Hispanic women accounted for 82% of young women ages 13- to 24-year-olds living with HIV in the United States, even though, together, they represent only about 30% of U.S. women these ages.


In 2011, 29.6% of Asian, 44.3% of white, 53.6% of Native Hawaiian or

other Pacific Islander, 48.6% of Latino/Hispanic, 69.0% of American Indian/Alaskan Native, and 60.0% of black students reported that they had ever had sexual intercourse.



From 2007-2010, young people (ages 15-19 and 20-24) were the only age groups for which the rate of new HIV diagnoses increased.





Those people who are peddling sexual freedom for all ages only want to talk about how to prevent unexpected pregnancies – not the painful, life-threatening, and life-ending STD’s that are being spread exponentially among teenagers.


STD’s are an “equal opportunity provider.”  They do not care how old a person is nor what sex/race/ethnicity a person is.  When the health laws of nature are defied, the natural consequences follow.


People who are supposed to be the adults in this country and who are supposed to protect children must stop lying and do what should be done.


The Obama administration, the CDC, and other government entities (state and local) should promote abstinence-until-marriage and living in a monogamous relationship if they really want to protect this and future generations from the harmful medical consequences of “free sex” which is not free at all.


To learn why contraceptive sex education has not worked in the past and will not work in the future, please go to:


10.26.12 – “Adults Must Protect Children” – by Donna Garner —






Syphilis – — bacterial

Chlamydia — — bacterial

Gonorrhea — — bacterial

Trichomoniasis — — protozoa

Genital herpes — (HSV 2 ) (HSV 1)  — — virus

HPV —    — virus

Hepatitis —  — virus

HIV —   — virus


*Typically, viruses are incurable.



Donna Garner

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