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donna_garnerFrom Voices Empower & Women on the Wall – LATEST UPDATE – 7.8.13, 12:01 P. M.

We have been informed that a petition has been started on stating 
“Texas Democrats should deny a quorum during the Second Special Session of the Texas Legislature.”


We contacted the Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and were assured that they have contacted border Governors and if the Democrats should try this type of a stunt they will be tracked down and brought back to work.

In addition they stated that because of the Transportation legislation they will have a hard time not showing up!

We also contacted Senator Dan Patrick and from our correspondence below is what may play out over this Special Session.
The Process
Everything is tentative on the schedule and subject to change, but here is what it looks like right now. The bill should pass next Mon-Wed out of the Senate to the Governor’s desk.


On Monday the Senate will have a hearing in Health and Human Committee on the Senate bill. A quorum is not an issue in committee as long as the Republicans are there to vote out the bill. Which I am sure will happen.  The Democrats will be there to ask a lot of questions and try to get media attention.

On Tuesday a quorum is not needed in the Senate because as it now tentatively stands that will be a short meeting on the floor with no action. The Senate will meet again tentatively on Thursday to pass out the other two bills- Transportation and a Juvenile legislation bill.


In the meantime the House is planning to meet either this Tuesday or Wed to vote for HB2 (Fetal Pain Legislation) on the floor. The Democrats could break quorum, but it would take virtually all of the 55 to do it. It is not known if they will try this stunt but the Governor can send the police out to bring them back unless they cross state lines and from what Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s office said the border Governors have been notified. Correction New Mexico Gov. is a Republican ~Susanana Martinez.


Once the bill comes over to the Senate the 12 Democrats could walk, but from what we saw in the Filibuster Sen Lucio (a Catholic) is with the Republicans. So they would need the other 11 all to walk.
They could all walk, but they would have to go out of state for several weeks. I believe they will be tracked down and their feet held to the fire, otherwise the Governor could send the police to bring them back if they are in state.


Even if they succeed somehow, they know the Governor will call another Special Session in August and we will do it all over again. This bill will pass. REPUBLICANS have the VOTES!


There clearly was a total lack of planning by the Texas Leadership. The only way a filibuster works is if you begin the filibuster with the clock on your side. Republicans should never have waited until the last 12 hours of the 30 day session to bring the bill up. This time it sounds like the Republicans actually have a plan to get the bill out with 14 days or so left in the 30 day session.


Sen. Patrick stated the “Democrats will stall and they could walk, but in the end they know we will pass this bill.”


The only other issue is if the Democrats come up with a point of order that is valid killing the bill in either chamber. Once again leadership needs to be sure that doesn’t happen by not allowing any mistakes in the process.”
So the question is……..
Are Republican elected officials ready to take them on and accomplish the will of the people?

If you are unclear of what the Fetal Pain legislation is all about I ask you to please watch the latest video out by and decide.

Then pass it onto all of your friends and neighbors so they will be prepared to be bombarded by the Progressive Liberal Media’s opinion.





A 6-minute YouTube that will change your life forever.|ZG9ubmFnZ2FybmVyQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==



Please share this with your Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors because of the Spanish translation posted beneath Sen. Donna Campbell’s presentation.


Donna Garner

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