Planning an MBA in Wine and Food Management? Read this.

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With the increasing demand for qualified managerial professionals in the Wine and Food industry getting an MBA in food & wine management, sure stands you apart while offering you a launchpad to an exciting career in the industry.

Aside from the glam, culture, and fanfare surrounding the wine and food industry, here’re some reasons to get an MBA in this field.

Three reasons to get an MBA in Food and Wine Management

The market is huge and evergreen

People will always gravitate towards an excellent gastronomic experience accompanied with fine wine to wash down the meal. Entering this field means you’d be playing in an industry that’s offering solutions to basic human needs.

It’s not surprising then that the market is a huge one. According to market surveys, the total value of the international food and agricultural sector is over $8 trillion in 2016. An article on Investopedia pegs the total share of the food and beverage industry at 20 percent of the global economy.

It’s an evolving industry

It is hard to believe, right? But, the food and wine industry is undergoing significant changes due to disruptive nature of technology, the evolving human preferences, and the massive global integrations.

The industry presents exciting challenges in the areas of sustainability and responsible production which will keep you engaged and requires you dig deep into your training and skillset to tackle.

It’s a global industry

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling in the course of your career then getting an MBA in food and Wine management might just be what you need.

Recently, most big names, multi-national food companies are seeing retail revenues from Asia, South America, and Africa overtake those from their established markets like in Europe and North America; this trend has forced them to turn their focus to these emerging markets. This means you might find yourself working in these regions or on projects focused on them.

Now, you’ve seen reasons to get your MBA in food and wine management; what’re some of the things to consider before sending in your application to any Business school?

Things to consider before applying for an MBA in Wine and Food management

Run a cost versus return on investment analysis

The reality is getting an MBA program is an expensive affair. It doesn’t hurt then, to run the numbers for what it would actually cost you versus what value you’d be getting once you graduate.

For instance, you can choose to compare your forecasted income with the debt you’d be running into and see if you can comfortably pay off your student debt without stretching yourself thin.

Choose a B-school that’s best for you

It easy to be swayed by the reputation and ranking of a business school without taking into considerations your unique needs, aspirations, and situations.

It’s OK to check the ranking but, it shouldn’t be the only factor to decide which B-school to apply to. Speaking with current and past MBA students for the b-school you’re interested in is an exciting way of getting a feel of what it’s like schooling there; if it’s possible; visit the campus.

Finally, consider how diverse the class is

One of the benefits of an MBA is the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment. Your post-graduate study year should be a time of interacting with students from diverse backgrounds; from different countries; and various job functions, thereby, enriching your experience and preparing you for a career in the global economy.

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