My Plea To Vote for Donald Trump To Keep Hillary out of the White House

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“My Plea To Vote for Donald Trump To Keep Hillary out of the White House”

By Donna Garner



People can gripe and complain all they want to about who is the Republican Presidential candidate, but those days have long passed. It is what it is.


Now we have to make a decision or else allow Hillary to be elected.  Any way you look at it, a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hillary. A write-in vote is a vote for Hillary. A stay-at-home-on-election day is a vote for Hillary. Vilifying Trump is a vote for Hillary.



With Hillary, we KNOW what she would do based upon her past actions.

10 Doctors Question Hillary Health...


We know what a disaster Hillary was as Sect. of State.



We know she looked our nation in the face and lied about Benghazi.



We know she would not take a strong stance against Islam terrorists because some of their sympathizers are on Hillary’s staff.



We know how she would set herself against Israel because she already has.



We know the kind of leftist judges she would choose for the Supreme Court and for the federal courts.



We know that she is totally tied to the Wall Street moguls who have donated to the Clinton Foundation along with foreign entities to pay her to give them special favors.



We know that she believes in Big Government taking over our school children and indoctrinating them into hating America and loving the social justice agenda.



We know that she would support open borders which would put our nation at terrible risk.



We know she would support the LGBT agenda and would position herself against traditional marriage and pro-life values.



We know she would give millions more to Planned Parenthood to kill babies in the womb and to encourage sexual activities among teens.



We also know that she has 47 dead bodies lying in her wake.



Trump has no such record, and he and his family obviously have a deep love for America.



Hillary wants to finish the destruction of America that Obama has begun. Trump wants to bring America back to its prior strength.



If we love America and do not want to see it’s American exceptionalism destroyed, then we MUST VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN.

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