Pleasant Lake Elementary School principal puts diversity first

Feb 20, 2017 by

You could say diversity is in the fabric of Pleasant Lake Elementary School –  and on the ceiling and on the walls and most doors.

Princial Nayal Maktari puts celebrating differences first.

“I don’t look at it as a melting pot where you have to forget who you are. We have to bring your culture, your language, your religion – we are all Americans, what makes us special and unique are our differences, but that we are all in it together.”

Along with ABC’s and 123’s his goal is to make sure students are taught in a way that reflects who they are, reading texts and stories about their own culture and religion, so that they feel apart of the lesson.

And you can tell it feels good. Walk the halls with him for one minute and you can’t even count the number of hellos, High 5s and hugs.

“As a child growing up, I didn’t read any books about people that looked like me or came from the part of the world my parents came from, and, really, I reflect back on that and that hurt and I want to make sure our children know that they are special.”

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