plus500 review: Should you invest at plus500?

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You have some funds to invest and you are done with your research on the best broker. You decided to invest at plus500 but are somehow confused whether it is the right option or not. This blog is especially uploaded to help you clear this confusion. When you learn forex trading and realize how beneficial it is, you become more excited to step in. Let’s explore the plus500 review in detail in this blog. 

Plus500 Review

Why are you conscious about reading the review? What are you looking for? Is it how the broker promises funds security? Here is the answer.

  1. The broker offers segregated accounts to ensure maximum protection of your investments. Your investments are kept separate from the broker’s funds. It implies that the loss of the company doesn’t impact the client’s assets. 
  2. When you think of online trading, the biggest risk you worry about is going bankrupt. So, the broker offers negative balance protection to exclude this risk. 

Other than these, the company also offers a deposit insurance fund for protecting your investments. 

KYC at Plus500

When you want to access the trading services at plus500, you are required to clear the verification stage. This is the requirement of the regulatory authorities to preserve use rights. KYC verification includes verifying address and ID. 

Do you have the same question as others ‘is plus500 safe’? Yes, it is! The reason is that it is regulated by multiple finance authorities. KYC is not negotiable and you have to complete it to avail of the services. If you use the mobile support version, you can turn on biometric verification. If you stay inactive for a set period (as defined in the settings), you will be signed out automatically. 

Plus500 Benefits and Downsides

Here are the ups and downsides of the broker that you should consider while making the final decision. 


What else do you want at a broker’s platform other than multiple asset availability, multi-lingual support, compatible mobile interface, negative balance protection, and a free subscription to market news? 

  • A wide range of trading currencies, commodities, ETFs, and more are available.
  • Accessible nearly worldwide and can be switched between more than thirty different languages.
  • The Mobile version is available as a more handy approach to trading. 
  • The platform protects your funds and offers a negative balance protection feature.
  • The users receive regular alerts on market trends. 


Here are the downsides of the platform that you should consider.

  • Plus500 offers services to most countries but still, there are some countries on the exemption list. These include America, Ukraine, Canada, and some others. 
  • The broker doesn’t allow bot-trading, scalping, and order hedging. Hence, there are limited trading strategies available.

Take Away!

Don’t invest in a company that doesn’t offer a reliable structure for funds protection. Companies offering segregated accounts are the best choices. Moreover, carefully verify the regulatory authorities’ certifications. Scammers may show false IDs and can trap you. So, here on the blog, you read a review on plus500. If you want to search for any other broker reviews, explore the website more.

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