PODCAST: Alice Linahan Show – Guests: Anita Hoge and Lynn Taylor

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8.26.15 – PODCAST: Alice Linahan Show – Guests:  Anita Hoge and Lynn Taylor


These guests and Alice discuss the data tracking contained in the NCLB reauthorization bills (ESEA) that are before the House and the Senate right now.  These bills are presently in a House/Senate conference committee but are to be voted on very soon after the August recess. The public is urged to contact their Congressmen while they are in their home districts and to tell them NOT to vote for these bills.  The American people have lost confidence in this President and in this Congress. We do not want an omnibus ESEA bill passed in which very harmful regulations are hidden in the small print similar to what was found later in the omnibus ObamaCare bill.  Any bill that is groomed by Congress to get Obama’s signature is a BAD BILL.  There is no rush to pass the ESEA bill.  It has been overdue for years, and we can wait a little longer until the elections of 2016 when a conservative President and conservative Congressmen are put in place.      


LINK TO PODCAST:  https://soundcloud.com/alice-linahan/anita-hoge-and-lynne-taylor-on-women-on-the-wall-with-alice-linahan


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