Podcast: Alice Linahan Show with Guests Janet Boynes and Lynne Taylor

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“Podcast: Alice Linahan Show with Guests Janet Boynes and Lynne Taylor”



PODCAST – Alice Linahan’s guests are Janet Boynes and Lynne Taylor who discuss the indoctrination in students’ lives.  Janet Boynes gives her amazing testimony that will bless and give hope to every listener.  Alice Linahan and Lynn Taylor share from their vast storehouse of knowledge about today’s students and the efforts being made to destroy traditional education.


LINK TO PODCAST:  https://soundcloud.com/alice-linahan/women-on-the-wall-with-janet-boynes-and-lynne-taylor-indoctrination




Janet Boynes Ministry – latest book – “God and Sexuality”


To purchase Janet’s books, please go to this link where you can either make your purchases with PayPal or with a major credit card.  Once you fill out your personal information, you will be able to go to the PayPal site where you can complete your credit card information on a secure platform: http://janetboynesministries.com/index.php/books

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