It is odd that just four days before the New Zealand massacre, John Podesta, former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, former Bill Clinton White House Chief of Staff, former Obama Administration counselor, and chairman for the Center for American Progress would be present to praise Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as a “superstar.”

The New Zealand Herald reported four days before the massacre that “John Podesta, told Newstalk… Ardern had given hope to social democrats all around the world.”

“She’s made an impression on the world. She’s somebody that people are paying attention to,” said Podesta.

Podesta had been overseeing a global progressives event titled, “The Path to Progress,” and had been interviewed by New Zealand’s Newshub describing New Zealand as “a big juicy target.”

Adding to Podesta’s ominous appearance was the mainstream media’s immediate predictable silence on the shooter’s leftist leanings, instead opting to further their version of the shooter’s manifesto by linking the blame to President Trump and painting the President as a white nationalist sympathizer.

While casting a wide net over white America, the media subtly propagandized that all of white America is a racist nightmare that must be dealt with.

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