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“Poll Results Skewed by Liberal Left”

by Donna Garner



Today, the Washington Post/ABC poll from Sept. 7 – 10 released its results. I have posted a few excerpts from this poll further on down the page.


First, the respondents (surveyed on the telephone) are not chosen from a pool of documented registered voters (pool not taken from states’ voter registration rolls). The respondents were  simply asked whether they consider themselves to be “a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent or what?”  They were not asked whether they voted in the last Presidential election. This means that many of these respondents may never even go to the polls to vote. Since they are not necessarily registered voters, then there is no way to know what percentage of the respondents are in fact Republicans, Democrats, or Independent voters.  Typically such polls are nearly always skewed toward the Democrats.


Second, I have to ask in all honesty, “How many hard-working conservatives would take the time or would trust someone who calls on the phone to take a poll?”  Most of us hang up immediately because so many of these phone polls are only campaign gimmicks.


Unfortunately, the type of people who are apt to participate in a telephone poll are people who are lonely, unemployed, house-bound, and/or welcome the chance to talk to just anybody.  Common sense would tell us that many of these people are living on welfare and are more apt to be poorly educated. This alone could skew the poll results considerably because these respondents would tend to be supportive of all types of social services and Big Government.  


Third, when grassroots volunteers — who are working hard to elect candidates and fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom — are polled, the results are very different from the Wash/ABC polls.  In the newly released 9.12.15 Freedom Works poll — http://www.freedomworks.org/content/ted-cruz-wins-freedomworks-america-straw-poll-912-grassroots-summitSen. Ted Cruz scored 41%, Ben Carson 12%, Donald Trump 8%. 


Bottom line:  The liberal-left national media (Washington Post/ABC) cannot be trusted nor can the Washington cartel. They are pushing their particular candidates and are masters of psychological manipulation of the masses.


I believe that many hard-working Americans are vetting candidates tirelessly to make sure that the American people are not fooled yet again, and what all of us can do is to ask ourselves continuously:


“Who can be trusted to become our next President?”


“Who has the proven record to back up his/her campaign rhetoric?” 


“Who has the expertise and is equipped to know how to follow the Constitution of the United States to bring about positive change for our nation?”  


“Who has the character, the moral compass, the commitment, and the Godly wisdom to represent the United States of America to the world?”  


In our minds, we believe that person is Ted Cruz.  




9.14.15 – Washington Post/ABC Pollhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/poll-trump-carson-top-gop-race-clinton-leads-dems-but-support-drops/2015/09/13/7961a820-58c2-11e5-8bb1-b488d231bba2_story.html?wpisrc=al_alert-COMBO-politics%252Bnation


Excerpts from this article:

…[Trump’s] strongest support comes from those who do not have a college degree and those with incomes below $50,000.


A majority of Americans (55 percent) say they disapprove of the way Clinton has handled questions about her use of a private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. An almost identical percentage (54 percent) say that she has tried to cover up facts. Asked whether Clinton stayed within government guidelines or broke the rules by using a private server, 51 percent say she broke the rules, while 32 percent say she did not, with the remainder offering no opinion…


Clinton and Trump share one vulnerability: Almost 6 in 10 Americans say Trump is not honest and trustworthy, while 56 percent say that about Clinton….


At this point, 6 in 10 say Trump is not qualified to be president…Two-thirds say he does not understand the problems of “people like you.” More than 6 in 10 say he does not have the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president.


Just over half of all Americans say Clinton does not understand their problems, but 56 percent say she has the personality and temperament to serve as president…


The Post-ABC News poll was conducted Sept. 7-10 among a random national sample of 1,003 adults, including landline and cellphone respondents. Overall results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.


Full results of the Sept. 7 – 10, 2015 poll and detailed methodology are available at: http://apps.washingtonpost.com/g/page/politics/washington-post-abc-news-poll-sept-7-10-2015/1821/



Donna Garner


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