Popularity of Online slots among young adults explained

Nov 5, 2020 by

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What do you think the most popular gambling game in the entire world is in the year 2020? It could be anything really, as the casino market in general is experiencing one of the greatest moments in its entire history. But, whilst this is very much true, there really is only one casino game that can be confidently asserted to be the most popular, and that is online slots. You would not believe how popular these enticing little games are these days, and they are getting more and more admired amongst young adults too. 

This shouldn’t really be too surprising either, because of course slots were going to get big within the younger demographic as soon as they hit the Internet. There are a myriad of key factors in the popularity of online slots at www.wizardslots.com amongst young adults, and if you read on through this article we are going to list some of the most obvious ones. 

Eye-catching graphics 

One of the hallmarks of modern online slot games is the fact that most titles nowadays visually look absolutely stunning, and whilst this attracts people from all demographics, it resonates particularly strongly with young adults who are used to clear graphics whilst playing video games on consoles such as Playstation or Xbox. 

Developers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil or Blueprint Gaming have put a remarkable amount of effort into their graphics, with 3D and HD visuals readily available across the breadth of the 2020 slots market. 

Innovative game mechanics 

Whilst Charles D. Fey’s tried and tested slot machine formula hasn’t really changed very dramatically since the late 1800s, in recent years online slot developers have been endeavouring to create new and exciting ways for their games to operate. Take the Cluster Pay mechanic first brought to us by NetEnt, for instance, with slots like Starburst that remind of classic young adult mobile games like Candy Crush. 

Big Time Gaming’s Megaways concept has also proven to be incredibly popular since its release a few years ago, and is yet another example of how online slot developers are trying to break the mould and attract more young adults. 

Rise of mobile slots 

All of the reasons for the popularity of online slots amongst young adults that we have explored so far are entirely relevant, however there is one thing that has resulted in the biggest shift, and that is the world of mobile slots. Before the rise of mobile slots there were way less young adults spinning those reels, simply because this demographic have always been more obsessed with spending their time on their phones rather than desktop computers. 

Ever since smartphones such as the iPhone became common developers were free to create quality games that just didn’t work on older, less complex, mobile phones. As soon as they started doing so the younger demographic took notice, and nowadays there are millions of young adults gambling on mobile slots each and every week.

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