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Nov 30, 2020 by

The New York Post Post once again blames the United Federation of Teachers ( Nov.29 editorial), suggesting  the union’s favoring the end of total mayoral control of the schools is yet another power grab.  That accusation does not jibe with their prior positions.

The union has never dominated education policy decisions or pretended to have designs to do so.They are a strong and influential force for quality education for all children and will never repent that.

Countless times you have proclaimed the UFT the real power that runs the school system and that the mayor is their puppet. If that were true, what sense would it make for the UFT to advocate a risky diffusion of authority?  Wouldn’t they be better off continuing to deal with only one person who is their supplicant and water-carrier?

The UFT has no insidious cozy relationships.

If the mayor were the union’s rubberstamp, wouldn’t they fight with blind fury to retain the status quo?  Why would they want to semi-marginalize City Hall instead?   Why cut the strings that master an alleged marionette?

The Post details the UFT’s proposed replacement.  It would include thirteen people, five of whom would be appointed by the borough presidents and others selected by holders of major citywide elective office who are answerable to all New Yorkers. This configuration of independents would ensure power sharing and allow contributing decision-makers to be out of reach of mayoral wrath and intimidation.

Our City is a stormy sea and the teachers union, like all other entities of good-will, are zealous about keeping the educational ship afloat and sailing through ever treacherous waters.

Ron Isaac

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