Postal “Poetry”

Apr 17, 2017 by

The most beautiful poetry I have read in a long time was posted on the wall of a post office a month ago and still adorns an area once reserved for FBI fugitive photos.

It reads, in part:  “We ( the Post Office) will not interfere with, restrain or coerce you in the exercise of the rights guaranteed you.”

The distinguished author, the National Labor Relations Board, is referring to the subcontracting or shifting of work from the members of the postal bargaining unit to private outfits, in this case Staples.

The rest of the poetry, no less idyllic for being legalistic, is a further affirmation of established rights through collective bargaining.  It doesn’t rhyme, but it creates an image of fairness. It’s not lyrical like Wordsworth, epic like Homer or a ballad like Barbara Allen.

But it has moved a mountain.

Ron Isa

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