Pre-school nursery hours to increase in Scotland

Apr 18, 2013 by

Plans to increase free pre-school childcare are expected to be spelled out by the Scottish government.

The Children and Young People Bill will entitle three and four year olds to 600 hours of free early learning nursery education per year.

That is an increase from the 475 hours a year of nursery care children can currently receive without cost, though many parents pay for extra hours.

The bill will also cover vulnerable two year olds.

One aim of the proposals is to help children.

Another aim is to make it easier for parents to work or go into education or training.

The bill was put out to public consultation last summer and the Scottish government is likely to argue that it is creating the most flexible package of family support in the UK to help parents, children and the wider economy.

via BBC News – Pre-school nursery hours to increase in Scotland.

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