Prepare To Win Our Country Back

Jul 6, 2020 by

“Prepare To Win Our Country Back”

By Donna Garner


I have to admit that when I saw how long this video is, I thought I would not take the time to watch it.  However, once I started watching it, I was captivated with the total uniqueness of the Andrew Wommack Ministry Summer Family Bible Conference 2020 (Day 3, Evening Session – Panel), July 1, 2020. 

First off, Andrew Wommack explained that he was calling this conference a “501(c)4” event which meant party politics and Biblical views would be freely discussed with no holds barred!  That is exactly what happened. I do not know when I have heard such an honest discussion about the two political parties, their platforms, their history, and the present state of America’s culture.  

I was transfixed by the vast personal knowledge each of these panelists shared with the audience.  This video is not just five people giving boring “talks.” The content is brutally honest, and the topics are those issues that all of us see taking place around us each day.

Yet, the outstanding takeaway is that all of us will come away knowing why and how we must take our country back at the ballot box and how to stand sure and courageous on these issues.

Starting at marker 8:25, each of the five guests was introduced.

Guests:  Bill Federer, Gen. Jerry Boykin, Tony Perkins, E. W. Jackson, Janet Boynes

These are the topics the panel discussed in a free-flowing, spontaneous format:

A.  Why this election is so important

B.  Historical context for today’s upheaval

C.  Differences in party platforms, pro-life, abortion

D.  Socialism

E.  Racial equality

F.  Protests, vandalism, removing monuments

G.  National defense and foreign policy

H. LGBTQ agenda

I.  Education

J.  Court appointees

K. Foreign policy


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    I am a Cold War Veteran ( and I call upon veterans of all eras to stand against this attack on America from within.

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