Pres-Elect Trump May Repeal Title IX Interpretations by Obama

Nov 11, 2016 by


“Pres-Elect Trump May Repeal Title IX Interpretations by Obama”

By Donna Garner


BREAKING: According to those on the inside of the Trump campaign, one of the actions planned by President Trump may be to repeal Obama’s interpretations found in the Title IX “Dear Colleague” letters.

These interpretations by Obama are egregious extrapolations of Title IX’s original intent and have led (1) to the transgender bathroom issue by adding “gender identity” to the definitions in Title IX; schools have been told to “treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity.”

Obama’s interpretations have also led to (2) colleges/universities being bullied and intimidated into allowing sexual abuse cases to destroy students’ lives based upon perception, unproven allegations, and hearsay. A Trump administration may require these Title IX sexual abuse cases to be handled by attorneys who must produce a preponderance of evidence in court, giving everyone involved a chance to be heard under the Rule of Law.

ACTION STEP: If you want President Trump to repeal the Title IX “Dear Colleague” interpretations by the Obama administration, please post your recommendations on the new website provided by President-Elect Trump for public comments:

Here is the link to AMERICA GREAT AGAIN:



11.10.16 – “Here’s What a President Trump Means for Transgender Bathroom Case” – by Roger Parloff – Fortune —

11.10.16 – “Campus Sexual Assault in a Trump Era” — by Jake New — Inside Higher Education —

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