Principal accused of blocking LGBTQ couples from prom put on leave

May 15, 2017 by

By Ben Axelson –

A high school principal in Upstate New York has been put on administrative leave after a student filed a lawsuit against his school district alleging that she blocked same-sex couples from attending prom.

The Buffalo City School District issued a public statement last week welcoming students at McKinley High School to bring whoever they wanted, regardless of gender, to prom.

The district also placed principal Crystal Boling-Barton on administrative leave, after student Byshop Elliott’s lawsuit with the New York Civil Liberties Union claimed that Boling-Barton warned students not to bring same-sex dates to prom.

The lawsuit details further alleged acts of discrimination by Boling-Barton against LGBTQ students at the school. According to The Buffalo News, the principal:

  • Reserved tickets to the prom only for opposite-sex couples
  • Had separated same sex couples who were dancing together in the past
  • Repeatedly ignored attempts by LBGTQ students to start a school club
  • Ignored the NYCLU’s previous attempts to contact her about complaints

It’s not the first controversy Boling-Barton has been embroiled in either, according to the News. She previously handed down what an investigator called an “excessive” seven-week suspension for a student who denounced her when she fired the school’s assistant girls basketball coach.

The student missed the bulk of her senior basketball season because of the suspension, and when a school board member tried to hold Boling-Barton accountable, the principal tried to have him fired.

Elliot said putting Boling-Barton on administrative leave was “a good start,” but said he wants to keep the lawsuit moving forward.

“I don’t want this to happen again – not just at our school but anywhere,” he told the News.

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