Principal gets new six-figure district job after graphic language prompts lawsuit

Sep 25, 2016 by

The Sacramento City Unified School District paid $175,000 to settle a racial and sexual harassment lawsuit after a former Hiram Johnson High School principal allegedly threatened to “whip” a female after-school employee and later said she would “have enough time to pull your panties down” if she tried to report him.

Felisberto Cedros was placed on paid administrative leave as Hiram Johnson principal for two months in 2015 before returning last fall to a newly created post of principal on special assignment, working on special projects. In that capacity he earned $139,303, the same salary he received as principal.

He continues to receive a six-figure paycheck from the school district, though he was demoted July 1 to another newly created position of assistant principal on special assignment, in which he is now paid $109,886. In that job, he is working in a department that helps schools prepare for an upcoming federal audit.

District spokesman Gabe Ross said he could not give specifics regarding personnel matters. “I can say that as a general rule we weigh all factors including any allegations made against an employee, that person’s employment record and their right to due process.”

The district and the state Department of Education complaint unit found that Cedros in 2014 threatened to “whip” Delecia Sydnor if she failed to follow his instructions. As an African American, Sydnor alleged that it constituted racial harassment.


Source: Principal gets new six-figure district job after graphic language prompts lawsuit | The Sacramento Bee

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