New priorities for school boards

Feb 8, 2017 by

A new year and new legislative session bring new priorities for the Michigan Association of School Boards. Our group represents more than 4,000 elected school board members in over 500 districts across the state.

Over the fall, MASB’s government relations team traveled across the state holding regional meetings and conducting surveys to gather input from these elected officials on the biggest issues facing their district and potential solutions to move forward. From those meetings, a few over-arching themes were reached.

First, school board members want local control, especially on things like bargaining, curriculum and budgets. This message could not have been more clear and consistent across the state: “Washington and Lansing need to leave us alone.”

Second, our school board members recognize the inherent value in ongoing training, both for new and seasoned board members. Research shows that board members who have the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to make effective decisions at the board table are able to more successfully support student achievement and financial stability in their districts.

Source: Wotruba: New priorities for school boards

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