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10.21.12 – Warning  — Private voucher schools captured:

I have continued to warn people that vouchers given to private schools would tie these private schools (using public dollars) to state and federal mandates.

Notice the following quote from Indiana that indicates private schools that accept vouchers must administer the state-mandated tests.

In the case of Indiana because they have committed to Obama’s Common Core Standards, students in both private and public schools will be held captive to the indoctrination of the CCS national assessments; and the teachers will be held captive to the national teacher evaluations based upon their students’ scores on the national assessments:

Because Indiana now ties teacher evaluations to tests and requires private schools to use its tests if they want voucher funds, this sets the stage for non-Indiana bureaucrats to determine Indiana teacher dismissal and private school curricula.

Please read my 8.24.12 article entitled “Private Schools, Please Be Wary of Vouchers” —  http://educationviews.org/private-schools-please-be-wary-of-vouchers/

[The arrows mean “lead to.”]

National standards  →  national assessments  →  national curriculum → national teacher evaluations with tied to students’ test scores  →  teachers teaching to the test each and every day  →  national indoctrination of our public school children  →  national database of students and teachers


To read the entire 10.10.12 article entitled “Common Core Debate Needed” posted in the South Bend Tribune, Indiana, newspaper, please go to:


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