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Pro-lifers get graphic ahead of elections in battleground states

Oct 11, 2018 by

What would the American college experience be in 2018 without a mid-October stroll through a photo gallery of aborted fetuses?

University of Missouri students were treated to such a display Wednesday by the controversial anti-abortion group Created Equal, which is taking its pictorial collection of bloody, tiny human hands, feet, faces and other body parts on a multi-state college tour through Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee and Florida.

“These states were not chosen at random,” the group posted on social media. “Each of them have Senate elections taking place this year. Created Equal hopes to influence young voters at colleges in these key states to vote for pro-life candidates and policies.”

Evangeline Dunn of Created Equal said sometimes it takes such a graphic, shocking action to get the message across.

“We are going to college campuses using abortion imagery to create awareness and stir the conversation up,” Dunn said. “The images are graphic because abortion is graphic. We see throughout history that social reformers have used graphic imagery to change peoples’ minds about discrimination, whether it was Emmett Till or the Holocaust.”


Source: Pro-lifers get graphic ahead of elections in battleground states – News – Columbia Daily Tribune – Columbia, MO

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