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Mar 8, 2012 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

On occasion, I am asked to review educational materials and was pleasantly surprised to receive “Carrie Communication Cards” from SuperDuper. These cards are for grades Pre-K and up and ages 3 and up. There are 740 cards, in 22 categories- Animals, Around the Home, Body Parts, Calendar and Time, Clothing, Colors/Shapes/Numbers/Letters, Descriptions, Drinks, Food, Grooming, Money, OP/PT Words, People, Places, Safety, School, Social, Sports, Toys, Transportation, Verbs and Weather.

These 740 cards come in a very attractive, very nicely organized carrying case so that speech language pathologists, and special education teachers and early childhood teachers and personnel can use. The cards are images by SymbolStix and the Graphic Design was done by Sharon G. Webber and Daryl Hutchinson. The kit is available from SuperDuper Publications and they have a web site at

The cards would be really useful for Head Start organizations, nursery schools and developmental facilities. Carrie Communication Cards is a “portable and durable augmentative communication system for students with limited verbal skills” As such these cards can be used with children with receptive and expressive language delays and can be use to facilitate describing, comparing and contrasting, categorization and for building sentences. There is a small accompanying text which provides some ideas for using the Carrie Communication Cards. The cards can address Basic Needs, Choices, to provide a Visual Schedule, to assist in teaching Calendar Skills, and Likes and Dislikes.

Teachers really need these kinds of resources, and if I had my druthers I would make sure that every single Head Start facility in the United States had a copy of this package. It is small and does not take up very much space in the classroom, and can be easily transported around the building. Special education departments and teachers need to have this resource available so that they can communicate with regular education teachers regarding language development and so that children can enhance their vocabulary, and communication skills. The cards themselves are manageable ( 2”X 2 ¼” and are visually pleasing and aesthetic.

I really like these Communication Cards and they are a true asset to speech language pathologists and for others who are providing instruction for students who have limited expressive and receptive language problems.

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