Product Review: Sequencing Super Fun Deck

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Super DuperThis is a fairly straightforward tool that parents can use to enhance the cognitive skills of their children

Product : Sequencing Super Fun Deck

Written by : Erin Riojas, Illustrated by Bruce Ink

Publisher : Super Duper

For Grades K-6; Ages  5 and Up.

A very specific skill that some children ( and some adolescents , and yes some adults ) need to learn is that of sequencing. The idea that there is a clear, specific beginning, middle and an end seems to escape some children, and even adolescents. It is a thinking skill that some simultaneous learners may need to work on, and it is also a visual skill that some readers may need to work on.

This card deck assists in building some very  specific skill sets- such as- reading left to right, focusing on and understanding important, specific, minute details, analyzing, predicting and identifying parts of a story. The cards begin with a three card set and gradually increase, thus assisting in focusing attention span. The cards also assist students in understanding words, and vocabulary that is linked to a certain process or procedure, grasp the tools utilized to complete a process, and in general comprehend certain words in context.

There is an Instruction Booklet that provides some ideas for games and the enhancement of verbal skills.

The events range from very simple- swimming, painting, to more intricate and complex- baking a cake or taking one’s pet to the vet.  The front side of each card has a Story Sequence and the back side an Instructional Sequence.

This is a fairly straightforward tool that parents can use to enhance the cognitive skills of their children, as well as their vocabulary skills and inferencing skills!

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