Prof to students: Break laws, trash white democracy

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Michael F. Haverluck –

A professor at a Bay Area college in California encouraged students to break United States laws in order to tear down the so-called “white supremacy” running the nation’s democracy.

During a guest lecture presented as part of his school’s “Social Justice Lecture Series,” Diablo Valley College (DVC) Political Science professor Albert Ponce reminded students how laws controlled slaves in American history, implying that today’s laws are based on white supremacy and should be broken.

Inciting lawlessness

Ponce’s inflammatory “White Supremacy in the U.S.” lecture that he delivered on the community college campus located not far from San Francisco was recorded and later went viral.

“And that’s the beauty of the law; if you can write it, you can convince all others to follow it – just like all of us do today … when we shouldn’t,” Ponce insisted in his October 26 lecture, according to The College Fix. “Many of the laws existing – we should be violating those laws.”

He went on to indicate that everyone from the Founding Fathers to today’s government officials are racists who enforce laws based on white supremacy.

“Ponce, in his lecture, did not clarify what laws he meant, and went back to discussing what he contended is Thomas Jefferson’s belief that black people are inferior to whites, the video shows,” The College Fix reported.

In late October, the college’s student-run newspaper, the Diablo Valley Inquirer, filmed and posted the video lecture on YouTube, but it did not receive national attention until a conservative website, The Red Elephants, posted highlights of the video over the past few weeks.

Ponce is shown in his lecture standing in front of a photo of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions – with a portrait of President Andrew Jackson visible in the background – props he used to set up his racial charge.

“It is fitting that a white supremacist of old and a white supremacist of today exist and sit – they’re smiling – in the White House,” Ponce shared during the lecture.

The left-leaning professor then asked his students to think of solutions for his fabricated problem.

“So, what can we do?” Ponce asked students. “What is to be done?”

He was quick to offer students his own take on what he thought should be done – using anti-slavery rhetoric to incite students.

“[Efforts such as writing lawmakers are futile because] they are part of the system,” Ponce argued. “[The solution lies in] practicing abolition.”

An image with large red letters reading, “the abolition of white democracy,” appearing next to the photo of Trump was then revealed behind Ponce, who then rattled off his partisan propaganda.

“Abolition means we must destroy it – not reform it,” Ponce argued. “No voting’s going to help. No writing your congressperson. We need to smash white supremacy at every institutional level in this country, beginning at the local space, at the state, at the federal system, and build something new. And that’s frightening. Because we don’t know what is to come.”

Ponce’s demonization of the president and his anti-Trump rally cry continued.

“There will be repression,” Ponce insisted, according to the Fix. “Yes, that always happens. But those who are willing, not only to take a knee, that’s just the beginning, that’s just a symbolic, peaceful gesture. It’s going to take a lot more work.”

He also berated America’s foundational document and praised one of the founders of communism.

“[The U.S. Constitution is a] white man’s constitution,” Ponce alleged, according to Campus Reform. “Karl Marx [is] one of the most profound thinkers in the history of Western philosophy.”

He introduced his discussion about one of America’s Founders by using choice inflammatory language geared to incite racial tension.

“So, we begin with the fact that we exist in a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system,” Ponce began before talking about the constitutional framer, according to Campus Reform. “[Jefferson] raped many [of his slaves], [but ] the state has socialized us into the state of glorifying [figures like Jefferson].”

It is reported that extra credit was offered to students who attended Ponce’s politically charged lecture, as DVC Director of Community Education Jackie Lorenz can be seen delivering opening remarks on the video, exclaiming, “I hope the extra credit is worth it!”

Conservative outrage

The Red Elephants condemned Ponce in its new campaign geared to expose “Marxist” professors.

The conservative website announced that it first heard about Ponce’s controversial lecture after receiving an email from a student that it published at the end of December.

“[Ponce] grades students down and fails them if they don’t agree with him [and] is known to encourage violence and tells his students that it is necessary for change,” The Red Elephants reported.

The video clips of Ponce posted by The Red Elephants have been viewed more than a quarter of a million times and the footage has been shared on Facebook more than 1,500 times since its late December posting, which calls the professor’s words “deeply radical rhetoric.”

“The inspiration behind the creation was constantly seeing professors push anti-white male and anti-Christian rhetoric in classrooms while praising Marxist and post-modernist ideology,” The Red Elephants told The Fix in an email.

Several submissions for The Red Elephants’ “Film Your Marxist Professors” campaign have already been received.

“You can either stand around, complain about how ‘the system is against you,’ or you can actually stop whining and get out and do something,” a post on the conservative site’s Twitter account reads, encouraging conservative students to pick up their own video cameras or phones and get involved.

Anti-Trump and anti-conservative activity by faculty members on the Northern California campus are nothing new.

“Diablo Valley College is [also] the former home of Professor Eric Clanton, who was arrested in May 2017 for attacking a pro-Trump activist with a bike lock,” Breitbart News recounted.

Source: Prof to students: Break laws, trash white democracy

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