Professor: Fight ‘white privilege’ with bad grammar

Jan 10, 2019 by

Quantity, not quality, is the new standard for grading writing assignments at a Washington, D.C. university.

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American University Professor Asao Inoue is leading a seminar next month on how to set aside quality when judging a student’s writing, according to USSA News.

The professor wants to offset the apparent fact that white students consistently outperform minority students. He argues that writing teachers should calculate course grades by labor completed and dispense almost entirely with quality when producing course grades.


Carol Swain of Project 21, a conservative black leadership group, says there was a time when blacks demanded equal access and opportunity on school campuses with the goal of getting a quality education.

“Nowadays,” she says, “it’s all about pushing numbers.”

Swain, who is herself a retired Vanderbilt University professor, says students will learn after graduation that writing skills are crucial to landing a good job.

There is also the issue of low expectations, she tells OneNewsNow.

“Any effort to lower standards for minority students is racist itself,” she warns, “because it implies that minorities are not able to meet the same standards as everyone else.”

Source: Professor: Fight ‘white privilege’ with bad grammar

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