Professors launch boycott of Israel, yet remain silent on Arab human rights violations

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the halls of academia, stonings have become quite popular. Not being stoned on drugs (although that has most certainly occurred), but actually pelting human beings with rocks for supposed wrongdoings.

That’s can be the only explanation for a group of American professors’ latest boycott of Israel over its differences with the Palestinians, and the group’s continued silence regarding the actions of barbaric Middle Eastern governments.

The boycott of Israel was launched by the American Studies Association. The group’s website featured a quote by former Black Panther and Communist Angela Davis, a professor emerita at the University of California-Santa Cruz.

“The similarities between historical Jim Crow practices and contemporary regimes of segregation in Occupied Palestine make this resolution an ethical imperative for the ASA. If we have learned the most important lesson promulgated by Dr. Martin Luther King—that justice is always indivisible—it should be clear that a mass movement in solidarity with Palestinian freedom is long overdue,” Davis wrote.

“Palestinian students and faculty living under occupation do not enjoy academic freedom, let alone the full range of basic human rights,” wrote Robin D.G. Kelley, a professor at UCLA.

The Professors did not discuss the long-term and continuing acts of terror by Palestinians against Israeli civilians.

And they made no mention about horrific human rights abuses in many Arab and Persian nations that oppose Israel and support the Palestinians.

What about gay youths in Iran who are hung for being gay? What about women in Arab nations who are stoned to death for displeasing their husbands, or school girls who are shot in the head for promoting the idea of female literacy?

We are left to assume that all of those things are cool with the college professors.

The ASA claims the vote attracted “the largest number of participants in the organization’s history,” and passed with 66 percent of professors voting in the affirmative.

“The vote on the resolution calls on us to reckon with our implication in the unjust treatment of this people, and of the many people, dispossessed and dehumanized by military occupation,” Tufts University Professor Lisa Lowe wrote.

No kidding. But, of course, she talking about those Zionists, not the woman in the picture above. Could the hypocrisy be more absurd?

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