How some profit mightily from the big business of bigotry and racism

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By Lawrence Dean –

Accusations of racism and bigotry aren’t going anywhere.

It’s not because people are necessarily becoming more bigoted or racist. Instead, it’s about money, a billion-dollar industry that includes books, lawsuits, anti-hate organizations and support groups.

Even the simple accusation of being a hate group or adhering to a non-PC ideology has been weaponized and monetized as a fundraising tool.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, is considered by the left be the final voice in identifying “hate speech” and hateful organizations. Conservatives consider SPLC to be a politically charged, “progressive” hit-squad.

The SPLC (headquarters building shown below image) targets anyone they do not agree with by publishing a list, even including a handy map. Their opinions are so revered by the left that if you or your business are part of a SPLC-listed “hate group”, Google will cut off your advertising income, as may PayPal.

Not just real hate groups like the KKK, but flamboyant characters like Alex Jones of InfoWars have long been a favorite target. There’s no room here for free speech.

Interestingly, among the ideologies considered unacceptable is black separatism. Their own website states, “Black separatists typically oppose integration and racial intermarriage and they want separate institutions — or even a separate nation — for blacks.”

I didn’t notice Black Lives Matter on the list. They actually make a point to say BLM in NOT a hate group.

With a $54 million annual budget and net assets of more than $315 million in 2015, it’s actually closer to a major corporation, with racism as its “product”.

If there are any doubts, look at SPLC’s executive compensation. CEO Richard Cohen earned a hefty $333,296, and Chief Trial Counsel and founder Morris Dees raked in $337,146 in 2015, according to Charity Navigator.

Another $5,400,000 of the budget goes to other salaries and administration costs. And a whopping $10,000,000 a year is spent on fundraising.

Another big budget player in the hate game is the American Civil Liberties Union. In 2016 revenue was an estimated $95,000,000 and held net assets of $246,000,000.

CEO Anthony Romero collected $483,000 in compensation in 2016, closely followed by its legal director at $362,000, director of communications, $334,000 and director of advocacy at $319,000. These four positions account for 30% of their entire administration costs. The ACLU spends around $7,000,000 a year on fundraising.

The ACLU (top image: Santa Cruz, Calif. chapter) is also rather motivated by politics. In January, 2017, they filed a lawsuit against the attorney general for making false statements during his Senate confirmation hearings. And just last week, a suit was filed against the military and POTUS over the proposed “transgender military ban”, Stone vs. Trump.

One of the key requests is that transgender service members not be denied medical treatment for gender dysphoria, which includes hormone treatment and even costly sex-reassignment surgery. This is clearly politically motivated, as the ACLU hasn’t filed any lawsuits over the military non-acceptance of the colorblind, or men not within the 60 to 80-inch height range.

As long as people are able to profit by defending an issue, it will exist and be cultivated.

If tomorrow, racism and bigotry just vanished, thousands of people would be out of work, and a political weapon would be gone. Human nature and greed will most definitely make sure that doesn’t happen.

Source: How some profit mightily from the big business of bigotry and racism | | Media Equalizer

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