Program to help public school students to earn degrees

Jul 7, 2011 by

Instead of enjoying the summer sun yesterday, a group of soon-to-be fifth-graders crowded into



lecture halls and built houses out of straws.

After lunch, they tested the structural integrity of their designs with marshmallows and hoped the weight would not make their houses collapse. But these kids do not mind spending the time practicing their geometry skills.

“I want to prove that I can do much more than I can already,’’ said 10-year-old Kasey Castillo, a student at Edison K-8 School in Brighton and a member of the inaugural class of the College Success Academy.

The academy is an offshoot of Steppingstone Academy, a 14-month program that prepares students to pass private school entrance tests as well as exams for certain Boston public schools. But the goal of the new initiative is to help students in the district earn college degrees by working with them from fifth grade until they graduate.

Kasey said he gets good grades when he is in class but admits to missing a lot of school last year, which hurt him academically.

via Program to help public school students to earn degrees – The Boston Globe.

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