Project Veritas: An Eagle Turns Vulture

May 8, 2018 by

There’s something about a long white laboratory coat that protects its wearer from being challenged by witnesses who see him walking boldly into a facility, despite security guards on duty, and making off with furniture to furnish his apartment somewhere else.

In other words, wear the right uniform and you can steal. Sometimes uniforms are not clothing, but ideologies.

Giving an organization a Latin name has a similar effect. Thus “Project Veritas” sounds like it’s above board. How can anyone argue against a word that means “truth”, especially in that ancient language of culture and civilization?

Project Veritas is the brainchild of James Edward O’Keefe III, a former Eagle scout who gets his jollies by secretly recording members of offending groups, such as unions and others that advance social justice. With malicious ingenuity, he then edits those conversations and conjures warped contexts to embarrass and  do damage in the public eye and sometimes courts of law.

According to a well-established source, O’Keefe III  has a history of being arrested for penetrating federal property where he didn’t belong. Among the notches on his belt of which he is most proud, is the video he engineered that led to the drying up of funds and eventual dissolution of the Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now (ACORN),  even though they were cleared of fiscal wrongdoing.

Mr. O’Keefe III  ran afoul of the California State Attorney Genera;l’s Office and the United States General Accounting Office and apologized and forced to fork up $100,000 to settle at least one lawsuit.

Project Veritas has also been accused of violating anti-wiretapping laws and making unsubstantiated charges of campaign finance irregularities against elected officials whose philosophy he didn’t share.

Project Veritas has a meticulously crafted mission statement worthy of a narcissistic divine avenger like Mr. O’Keefe III:  “To investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society”.

That covers a lot of bases. Who can argue with those words?  Too bad it flies in the face of what they truly stand for and do. There must be wordsmiths for hire who will create a made-to-measure mission statement to for any nefarious enterprise, as long as they’re a customer.

The cloak-and-dagger shenanigans of Project Veritas are funded by unidentified partisans whose anonymity is zealously guarded by a non-profit called Donors Trust.  Perhaps the terms of non-profit status should be re-visited?

They call themselves “the most effective non-profit on the national scene, period”.  It’s true that they profit nobody. They say they’re “undercover journalists.”  More under-handed than undercover. Their “findings” are rolled out after the facts are rolled over.

So where are they sniffing around lately?

Rumor has it that they want to infiltrate public employee unions. They want to set up encampments and be ready to jump in as reinforcement storm troopers in the wake of the expected ruling in the US Supreme Court Janus case. They want to plant doubts in the minds of union members when they are may be more vulnerable to false enticements. They want to capitalize on what will be, at worst, limited and transitory instability.

The jackals of Project Veritas want to pick clean the bones of organized labor. But unions are fleet of foot and have incredible stamina. There will be no carcass. Our unions have plenty of flesh, red-blood and circulation.

And what will Mr. James Edward O’Keefe III  ( no relation to King Ethelred the Unready) do after union members size him up and kick him to the curb and out of their consciousness?  He says he’s a “muckraker.”  He’s half-right:  he’s muck.

Ron Isaac

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