Protecting yourself online with a VPN

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VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are being talked about more and more these days, you may have heard mention of them online or as part of a news broadcast and they are a very effective means of defending yourself from invasions of online privacy and protecting your personal data. If you share the concerns of millions of people across the world regarding the safeguarding of personal information, a VPN will serve to put your mind at ease and protect your privacy when spending time online. According to research from, 31% of people who use a VPN do so to protect their anonymity while browsing online.

Choose a Virtual Private Network service

The increase in concern regarding the subject of online privacy and internet security has given rise to a multitude of companies offering a Virtual Private Network service today. As with all services, there is one which will suit your needs better than others, and the best way to choose one is with a quick internet search. Many companies offer a paid or free version of their VPN service, depending on your level of internet use and the issues you wish to resolve, a free version may suit You just fine. Spend some time browsing your options before settling on a service.

Install the VPN client

Once you have chosen the service which you feel meets your needs, the next step is to install the client or program. Browsers like Chrome allow the use of extensions and add-ons, and many of the Virtual Private Network services can be implemented into this feature of your browser. It can be as simple as turning the client on with a single click in Your usual browser window, or just running the downloaded program, then you are free to browse in anonymity.

Experiment with the VPN settings

Many Virtual Private Network services can be customised to increase the level of security implemented by way of different encryption protocols. These can be changed within the client or program and your chosen services website will have a detailed explanation of these types of encryption. Depending on the amount of security you require, there is a level of encryption to suit You. Your Virtual Private Network service can usually be changed to move your browsing location to a specified country as well. If you require access to another countries version of a website for example, You may be able to select your browsing location from inside the VPN client and browse content which is locked to a specific country.

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Browse in anonymity

Now that your VPN service is set up to your specifications, any time you decide to use the internet with the newly acquired level of security just activate the client or program, and rest assured that your location is hidden, your data is secured, and you are free to access the internet without the hassle of location locked content and blocked sites from your internet service provider. With an increased number of people using a Virtual Private Network at home and at work, this is a service which will certainly benefit the majority of internet consumers.

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